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Syllabus Biology Senior Secondary NIOS

Syllabus in English Medium




Name of the Lesson:


·                 Lesson 1-Origin and Evolution of Life and Introduction to Classification

·                 Lesson 2-The Kingdoms Monera, Protoctista and Fungi

·                 Lesson 3-Kingdoms Plantae and Animalia

·                 Lesson 4-Cell - Structure and Function

·                 Lesson 5-Tissues and other Levels of Organization

·                 Lesson 6-Root System

·                 Lesson 7-Shoot System

·                 Lesson 8-Absorption, Transport and water Loss in Plants

·                 Lesson 9-Nutrition in plants - Mineral Nutrition

·                 Lesson 10-Nitrogen Metabolism

·                 Lesson 11-Photosynthesis

·                 Lesson 12-Respiration in Plants

·                 Lesson 13-Nutrition and Digestion

·                 Lesson 14-Respiration and Elimination of Nitrogenous Waste

·                 Lesson 15-Circulation of Body Fluids

·                 Lesson 16-Coordination and Control - The Nervous and Endocrine Systems

·                 Lesson 17- Homeostasis : The Steady State

·                 Question For Practice

·                 Glossary

·                 Lesson 18-Reproduction in Plants

·                 Lesson 19-Growth and Development in Plants

·                 Lesson 20-Reproduction and Population Control

·                 Lesson 21-Principles of Genetics

·                 Lesson 22-Molecular Inheritance and Gene Expression

·                 Lesson 23-Genetics and Society

·                 Lesson 24-Principals of Ecology

·                 Lesson 25-Conservation and Use of Natural Resources

·                 Lesson 26-Pollution

·                 Lesson 27-Nutrition and Health

·                 Lesson 28-Some Common Human Diseases

·                 Lesson 29-Biotechnology

·                 Lesson 30-Immunebiology : An Introduction

·                 Question For Practice

·                 Glossary


Optional Module - I


·                 Lesson 31-Some Common Tools and Techniques used in Biology

·                 Lesson 32-General Laboratory Equipments

·                 Lesson 33-Some Common Preservatives, Stains and Reagents

·                 Lesson 34-Providing Organisms for Laboratory Work

·                 Lesson 35 Some Aids in Biology


Optional Module - II


·                 Lesson 31-Agriculture, Forestry and Medicinal Plants

·                 Lesson 32-Floriculture, Mushroom Culture and-Hydroponics

·                 Lesson 33-Animal Husbandry

·                 Lesson 34-Fisheries and Aquaculture

·                 Lesson 35-Apiculture, Lac Culture and Sericulture

·                 Biology Practical




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