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Computer Science Subject (330) in NIOS Senior Secondary 12th

Computer Science is the study of computers and the work they do. We need a science of computers because, unlike other machines, computers are general purpose; the same machine can perform many different tasks and the same tasks can be done equally well by different computers. The programme uses electronic devices, such as computer software and networks to store, process, transmit, retrieve and manipulate information. It has a flexible course structure, where students can choose to study a range of Next-Generation Technology.



Computer Science is a vital subject which is included in the syllabus designed for class 12th in the N I O S board. This field of study is about the theoretical foundation of computation and analysis. The NOS board has designed a suitable syllabus for this subject which gives them the latest technology in the field. Students can follow computers syllabus with full interest. All essential topics are incorporated in this syllabus in a proper order so that students can gain requisite knowledge in a uniform and updated manner. With coaching teachers and subject experts, the board has designed this syllabus in an elaborative manner. Common objective to prepare a syllabus is to guide students in terms of knowledge. The NIOS board maintains a trustworthy educational aspect. Thus, students get benefits from the NOS course structure.  Computer science is an interesting subject and it imparts knowledge about theoretical foundation of computation and their right implementation. NIOS board is structured to cater to quality education to students across the country in an open schooling environment. The board delivers authritative syllabus for each subject included in the syllabi designed for specific class. Hence, students are advised to practice TMA’s )Total Marked Assignments) after completion of each syllabus. Thus, they can determine their expertise and problem areas too. 


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