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Data Entry Subject (336) in NIOS Senior Secondary 12th

Data entry is the transcription of data from one form into another. This course prepare students to accurately enter data, such as survey results or demographics, which can then be used to develop marketing, advertising and sales plans. After completion of training from SS Coaching, Students can use these skills to compile data, verify its accuracy and organize it.



Data entry courses are usually make up programs designed to help people get prepared for a career of a data entry worker. evident of prior experience through data entry courses can make a potential employee more profitable and a good choice for organizations . Choosing the best data entry courses is usually as simple as it can be through the N I O S Syllabus. It is also a good idea to look into data entry specialty courses, such as courses that teach how to work with engineering records or medical documents. An online program may not hold as much prestige as getting passed with a government affiliated degree from NIOS. Some data entry courses do offer some form of certification that may be accepted by many employers. Most of the skills involved in data entry can be learned from NOS Syllabus and practical knowledge, but one of the major benefits of taking data entry courses is demonstrating a particular attitude of the industry with many hiring in this field for this decade of computer technology.
Lessons aim for students to become familiar with various types of typing techniques while using QWERTY keyboard. Each lesson taught through this course provides students with images, content and tips that can lead to better typing efficiency. At the end of every lesson, students can test their training by completing lesson specific interactive work. This course also provides advanced exercises for students who feel confident to increase the level of hardness of their training. Before students can start learning techniques for typing, this course suggests that students read the provided preliminary  course materials that cover dynamic learning principles, basic finger placements and typing ergonomics.

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