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Syllabus of Business Studies in NIOS

Business Studies (215) Syllabus

Course Structure Of Business Studies





TMA (40%) 


Public Examination (60%) 




Study Hours 


1.Introduction to Business 




L-1 Nature and scope of Business  

L-2 Industry and Commerce 






2.Forms of Business Organisation  




L-3 Sole Proprietorship,Partnership&HinduUndivided Family L-4CooperativeSocietiesandJointStock Companies  






3.Service Sector 




L-7 Communication Services L-9 Banking Services  

L-10 Insurance Services 






4.Buying, Selling and Distribution  




L-13 Channels of Distribution  

L-15 Advertising 






5.Consumer Awareness 




L-17RightsandResponsibilities of Consumers  

L-18 Consumer Protection 






6.Career Opportunities in Business 




L-19 Choosing a Career  

L- 20 Entrepreneurship 






7.Practical/ Project Work 










Business Studies (215) Syllabus


Module 1

Lesson 1. Nature and Scope of Business

Lesson 2. Industry and Commerce

Module 2

Lesson 3. Sole Proprietorship, Partnership & Hindu Undivided Family

Lesson 4. Cooperative Societies and Joint Stock Companies

         Module 3

Lesson 7. Communication Services

Lesson 9. Banking Services

Lesson 10. Insurance Services

Module 4

Lesson 13. Channels of Distribution

Lesson 15. Advertising

Module 5

Lesson 17. Rights and Responsibilities of Consumers

Lesson 18. Consumer Protection

Module 6

Lesson 19. Choosing a Career

Lesson 20. Entrepreneurship


Download the Official NIOS Business Studies (215) Syllabus here.

Download the Official NIOS Business Studies (215) Sample Question Paper here.