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Syllabus of Home Science in NIOS

Home Science (216) Syllabus

Course Structure For Home Science

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            Home Science (216) Bifurcation of Syllabus




TMA (40%) 


Public Examination (60%) 




Study Hours 


Module-1 Home Science in Daily Life. 


Unit -1 Home Science and its importance 




L-1 What is Home Science 






Unit -2 Our Food  




L-4 Methods of Cooking Food L-5 Preservation of Food  






Unit -3 Our Health  




L-6 Environment L-8 Communicable and lifestyle diseases  






Unit -4 Our Clothes  




L-9 Care and Maintenance of Fabric L11 Fabric Finishes  






Module-2 My Family & I  


Unit -5 Our Home  




L-12 Housing   






Unit -6 Our Resources  




L-15 Managing Time and Energy L-16 Managing Income  






Unit -7 Growth and Development  




L-17 Life Begins L-19 My Family and I L-20 Adolescence: Charms and Challenges  






Unit -8 Our Values   




L-21 Ethics in Daily Life 






Unit -9 Our Rights and Responsibilities   




L-22 Consumer! Beware, Be Aware  





Home Science (216) Syllabus


1. What is Home Science

4. Methods of Cooking Food

5. Preservation of Food

8. Communicable and Lifestyle Diseases

9. Care and Maintenance of Fabric

11. Fabric Finishes




12. Housing

15. Managing Time and Energy

16. Managing Income

17. Life Begins

19. My Family and I

20. Adolescence: Charms and Challenges

21. Ethics in Daily Life

22. Consumer! Beware, Be Aware

Download the Official NIOS Home Science (216) Syllabus here.

Download the Official NIOS Home Science (216) Sample Question Paper here.