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Syllabus of Science and Technology in NIOS

Science And Technology (212) Syllabus

Course Structure Of Science And Technology





TMA (40%) 


Public Examination (60%) 




Study Hours 


(No. of lessons 13) 


(No. of lessons 13) 


Module- I Measurement in Science 




L.1 Measurement in Science and Technology 






Module- II Matter in our Surroundings  




L.5 Atomic Structure  

L.6 Periodic Classification of Elements  

L.7 Chemical Bonding  

L.8 Acids, Bases and Salts  






Module- III Moving Things 




L.10 Force and motion  

L.11 Gravitation 






Module- IV Energy  




L.13 Work and Energy  

L.15 Light Energy  

L.16 Electrical Energy  

L.17 Magnetic Effect of Electric Current 






Module- V The Living World 




L.22 Life Processes – I : Nutrition, Transportation, Respiration and Excretion L.23 Life Processes – II : Control and Coordination L.24 Life Processes – III : Reproduction L.25 Heredity 






Module- VI Natural Resources 




L.27 Metals and Non-metals L.28 Carbon and Its Compounds 






Module- VII Human and Environment  




L.29 Natural Environment L.30 Human impact on Environment  






Science And Technology (212) Syllabus


            Module - 1 Measurement in Science 

o     1. Measurement in Science and Technology  


           Module 2: Matter in our Surroundings

o      5. Atomic Structure

o      6. Periodic Classification of Elements

o      7. Chemical Bonding

o      8. Acids, Bases and Salts


           Module 3: Moving Things

o      10. Force and Motion

o      11. Gravitation


           Module 4 :  Energy

o      13. Work and Energy

o      15. Light Energy

o      16. Electrical Energy

o      17. Magnetic Effect of Electric Current


          Module 5 :  The Living World

o      22. Life Processes - 1 : Nutrition, Transportation,  Respiration and Excretion

o      23. Life Processes - 2 : Control and Coordination

o      24. Life Processes - 3 : Reproduction

o      25. Heredity


            Module 6 :  Natural Resources

o      27. Metals and Non-metals

o      28. Carbon and Its Compounds


            Module 7 :  Humans and Environment 

o      29. Natural Environment

o      30. Human Impact on Environment


Download the Official NIOS Science and Technology (212) Syllabus here.

Download the Official NIOS Science and Technology (212) Sample Question Paper here.