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Syllabus of Science and Technology in NIOS

Science and Technology (212) Syllabus


Course Structure of Science And Technology








Theme 1: Measurement








Module-1: Measurement in Science & Technology





Theme 2: Matter Around Us






Module-2: Matter - Structure and Behaviour





Theme 3: Energy






Module-3: Motion and Force





Module-4: Energy





Theme 4: The Universe






Module-5: The Universe and our Earth





Theme 5: Natural Resources and Our Environment






       Module-6: Our Environment and Natural Resources





     Module-7: Man Made Resources and Environmental Problems





                                   Theme 6: The Living World






                        Module-8: Life Processes





                        Module-9: Health, Hygiene and Diseases





                       Module-10: Agricultural Practices





Theme 7: Technological Developments






Module-11:Technology and Communication





                    Total  (Theory)










       Grand Total













English Medium


·            Module - 1 Measurement in Science


o                 1. Measurement in Science and Technology  


·           Module 2: Matter in our Surroundings


o                 2. Matter in Our Surroundings

o                 3. Atom and Molecules

o                 4. Chemical Reaction and Equations

o                 5. Atomic Structure

o                 6. Periodic Classification of Elements

o                 7. Chemical Bonding

o                 8. Acids, Bases and Salts


·           Module 3: Moving Things


o                 9. Motion and its Description

o                 10. Force and Motion

o                 11. Gravitation


·           Module 4 :  Energy


o                 12. Sources of Energy

o                 13. Work and Energy

o                 14. Thermal Energy

o                 15. Light Energy

o                 16. Electrical Energy

o                 17. Magnetic Effect of Electric Current

o                 18. Sound and Communication


·          Module 5 :  The Living World


o                 19. Classification of Living Organisms

o                 20. History of Life on Earth

o                 21. Building Blocks of Life - Cell and Tissues

o                 22. Life Processes - 1 : Nutrition, Transportation, Respiration and Excretion

o                 23. Life Processes - 2 : Control and Coordination

o                 24. Life Processes - 3 : Reproduction

o                 25. Heredity


·            Module 6 :  Natural Resources


o                 26. Air and Water

o                 27. Metals and Non-metals

o                 28. Carbon and Its Compounds


·            Module 7 :  Humans and Environment


o                 29. Natural Environment

o                 30. Human Impact on Environment

o                 31. Food Production

o                 32. Health and Hygiene




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