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Syllabus of Social Science in NIOS

Social Science (213) Syllabus

Course Structure Of Social Science





TMA (40% of Syllabus) 


Term End Examination (60% of Syllabus) 




Study Hours 


Module -1 India and World through Ages   




L-3 : Modern World – I L-4 : Modern World – II L-5 : Impact of British Rule on India: Economic Social and Cultural (1757-1857)  

L-6 : Religious and Social Awakening in Colonial India  

L-7 : Popular Resistance to the British Rule  

L-8 : Indian National Movement   






Module 2 India: Natural Environment, Resources and Development  




L-9: Physiography of India  

L-10: Climate  

L-13 : Transport and Communication  






Module 3 Democracy at Work  




L-16 : Fundamental Rights and Fundamental Duties  

L-19: Governance at the State Level  

L-20: Governance at the Union Level  

L-21 : Political Parties and Pressure Groups  






Module 4 Contemporary India: Issues and Goals  




L-23: Challenges to Indian Democracy  

L-25: Socio-Economic Development and Empowerment of Disadvantaged Groups L-27 : Peace and security  





Download the Official NIOS Social Science (213) Syllabus here.

Download the Official NIOS Social Science (213) Sample Question Paper here.