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An Open Letter to CBSE Class 12 Students Who Received Their Results Recently

Tutor: SS Coaching team   
An Open Letter to CBSE Class 12 Students Who Received Their Results Recently

However, when you will look through every one of the daily papers tomorrow and all the news channels today, you will understand that you can distinguish not in excess of 100 such understudies who have been featured in the daily papers. 
The inquiry is at that point, "Shouldn't something be said about whatever is left of the understudies?" This year, a sum of 10,98,420 (close to 11 lakh) competitors showed up for the Class XII CBSE exam, and it is truly clear that not every one of them has over 90 %. That implies that there is a solid probability that you are one of the immense lumps of understudies who don't have over 90 %. 
You are the ones who have 50 %, 60 %, 70 %, and 80 %, and you are national resources of this nation as imperative as the individuals who have secured 99.99 %. Likewise, you are not the only one – there are numerous more like you sitting in their homes at the present time and imagining that they are the main ones who have not secured over 90 % and that their life is demolished. Believe me, on the off chance that you approached the aftereffects of all these 11 lakh understudies, you would not feel as awful as you do well at this point. The issue is that you are presented to the aftereffects of just the individuals who have topped the examination. 
If it's not too much trouble comprehend that 60 %, 70 %, or 80 % may be viewed as less in a setting in which shorts of Universities for school affirmations go as high as 100 %. The media is constantly prepared to feature the topper who got 99.6 %, yet these imprints are not terrible imprints, and there is an enormous contrast between getting fewer stamps than another and feeling that you have awful checks. Bear in mind that this 60 % now makes you qualified for graduation. So in what capacity would this be able to be terrible? Truth be told, 60 % are First Division marks. 
All of you are remarkable and have your own value, regardless of the imprints you get. You may well have 60 % today, yet you can possibly be the best business visionary, expert, artist, artist, clinician, social researcher, mathematician, artist, sportsperson, and numerous more awesome things tomorrow.
The need is to perceive that potential, and the significance of today in our mission to end up as well as can be expected. 
I will let you know, Class XII outcomes are really a fresh start, regardless of whether you have shockingly fizzled this time. This is on account of this day offers you a chance to gain as a matter of fact. It gives a chance to you to understand your qualities and uniqueness, and furthermore comprehend your shortcoming and where you turned out badly. What you see today in your CBSE comes about is the result of a procedure which you have experienced, and amid this procedure, you have increased profitable encounters and lessons of life. When you begin once more, you will take this experience forward with you. 
A considerable lot of you may expect 90 %, however, may have 60 or 70 %. I don't prevent you from choosing a recheck and getting that psychological fulfilment for yourself, however, I might likewise want to reveal to you that you are not the only one in feeling along these lines. 
By one means or another we as a whole, by our extremely nature of being a human, seek after the best, yet there is a contrast amongst expectation and desire. Our desires must be founded on an arrangement of consistent activities, endeavours, and the dedication that we have put in. 
This is the place these outcomes light up numerous parts of your identity. You need to evaluate the hole between your desires and accomplishments, in light of the fact that getting 60 % isn't at all an issue. The issue lies with you getting 60 % and expecting 95 %. This is the place disillusionment begins to sneak in. It is lamentably an aftereffect of what our focused society has done to youthful personalities like you.
Acknowledge yourself 
Try not to stay in a condition of foreswearing. Try not to fall into the trap of disclosing to yourself that you merited more checks and got less. Obviously, you merit significantly more throughout everyday life, except for that you should first acknowledge the imprints you have now. All things considered, you have earned these imprints, and acknowledgement of these imprints is a characteristic of acknowledgement of the self, the initial move towards self-revelation.
Recognize the best in you 
We as a whole are novel and commendable creatures and we as a whole have qualities. Attempt to discover what makes them go – be it music, move, photography, maths, science, brain research, social work, reporting, sports, or whatever another field which may speak to you. Continuously seek after a diversion, and never waver in manoeuvring what you feel is the best for you. At this stage, a large number of you will understand that this outcome which you are grieving does not bode well, as this score won't take you nearer or promote from the best you need to turn into. 
Investigate the accessible alternatives 
A considerable lot of you who have 65 % or above can even now get to schools of Delhi University and other great colleges, perhaps just not in your preferred courses and universities. Let it not be from the school any longer – let it be about you starting now and into the foreseeable future. All things considered, it is the understudies of a school who figure out what a school will be, and not simply the school. Be the best of what you are and your school will consequently turn into the best, and will put resources into you definitely. 
Join the school which your imprints influence accessible, to be simply the best form there, and you will see that soon it won't make any difference which school you join, yet who you really are. 
There are alternatives like IGNOU and Delhi University's School of Open Learning. Try not too bashful far from taking confirmations in these in the event that they are every one of your imprints permit. Try not to feel humiliated when others reveal to you they are in more known universities. You are not the same as them, and your voyage is not the same as theirs, so clearly your way will likewise dependably be unique in relation to them. 
Begin planning and turn into the best form of yourself 
I need all of you to begin setting up each and every outing to end up the best form of yourself. Next time, when you sit for that examination, or perform in that hall, or play in the ground, you ought to have the capacity to take a gander at yourself in the mirror and say, "Today I am simply the best form." No issue what the outcome is, look yourself in the mirror again and say, "I put forth a valiant effort." Trust me, the aftereffect of that day won't make any difference to you any longer. You will even now find a sense of contentment with yourself. also, feeling cheerful and fulfilled independently of the result.