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CBSE Boards Helpline Gets More Than 5500 Calls in 3 Weeks

Tutor: SS Coaching team   
CBSE Boards Helpline Gets More Than 5500 Calls in 3 Weeks

Exam fever is in the air and so are the high soaring pressure levels. The D-day is approaching and we all want to perform our best. After all, the investments have reached their all-time high; sleepless nights, missing the social gatherings, losing contacts with friends and no outings.

The heat of the raising stress levels was also felt by CBSE helplines when they got drowned by more than 5500 calls in merely 3 weeks. The helpline was launched on February 1 and is meant for students taking the 10th and 12th boards this year.

Most common problems students discussed on the call are:

  • Memory loss
  • Lack of concentration
  • High anxiety/nervousness
  • Unable to cope with stress levels
  • Peer pressure
  • Parents expectations
  • No time for revisions
The helpline, however, implied for just CBSE sheets, is additionally getting calls from understudies of different sheets with greatest calls being gotten from Uttar Pradesh. Understudies who are taking the tenth Boards are more apprehensive as they are taking it out of the blue. 
Guardians are additionally bringing in to approach the correct decision for their tyke's profession. There has been a positive criticism and the understudies additionally appear to be fulfilled and somewhat loose in the wake of talking about their issues over the call. 
  • They converse with the advocates via telephone and not up close and personal, consequently making it simpler to open up and talk about the issue 
  • The advisors keep up relatability with the understudies, tune in to their issues and search for the arrangements together
How is CBSE working? 
  • The administrators answer the general questions. 
  • If there should arise an occurrence of a particular exam related inquiries, understudies are being associated with the principals or guides. 
  • Sheets have likewise doled out four exceptional instructors who are accepting calls from extraordinarily abled understudies and their folks tending to their worries. 
  • The tele helpline is operational from 8 am to 10 pm 
  • There is a mental directing administration being given by sheets to understudies and guardians. This is dynamic from February 1 until April 13. Understudies can look for help by reaching the CBSE concentrated sans toll number or by setting up the inquiries on the CBSE site

CBSE Helpline Number – 1800-11-8002