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Dear students, your success is not defined by board exam marks

Dear students, your success is not defined by board exam marks

Consistently lakhs of understudies are made to trust that the board examination is the initial move towards a person's effective life. The period of May every year starts and finishes on a restless note. This year, this pivotal month is set to choose the "future" of almost 22,36,268 understudies who have taken the much-feared tenth and twelfth board exams over the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), Sate sheets, Indian Certificate of Secondary Education Examination (ICSE), and Indian School Certificate Examination (ISC). 
The arrangement and stress encompassing these exams are presently accumulating reactions from MNCs and information 'educational cost' focuses too. Be it the 'Totally Butterly' Amul young lady with Amul Memory Milk which plans to help memory control, BYJU's Your Learning versatile application, or otherworldly pens that guarantee to influence understudies to prevail in their exams—board exams have turned into a medium for commercialisation.

Guardians, understudies, and educators crosswise over India contribute their opportunity, cash, and vitality towards this "essential period of life." Hence, it winds up basic to comprehend what makes this confirmation so unpleasant and in the meantime question if the buildup and brouhaha encompassing it is justified, despite all the trouble.

Grades and marks do not define your future

The Indian training framework requires an understudy to choose his/her individual field of interests at two shifting stages. Post the tenth grade the normal 15-year-old tyke is required to pick principally between three subjects—science, trade, or humanities—which two years after the fact turn into the venturing stone towards an imminent vocation way. 
The stage ends up troublesome for the youthful grown-up essentially on account of the absence of presentation and viable direction accessible to the understudy body. "Most understudies are confused with respect to what to do and where to get in. Kids' advantage level is regularly confined to either building or medication," says Nimmy George, a youngster clinician and understudy advocate. 
Further, school cut-off rates in the ongoing past have not been empowering either. In the previous couple of years Delhi University, among others, has seen 100 percent shorts in a few subjects, in this manner setting a relatively incomprehensible standard of accomplishment for understudies to be considered for a legitimacy situate.