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Dubai Student’s suicide note holds CBSE board responsible

  • Tutor:   Shaji Zaman
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The suicide note which was written by a 16 year old school boy who hanged himself was finally shown to the parents. The suicide note was of 7 pages written by the student on his exam answer sheet five days prior of his committing suicide .His body was found at the family apartment in Sharjah.
The name of the student was Abhimanyu Sadasivan’s and was a student at Indian High school in Oudh Mehta ,Dubai. The school followed the CBSE board curriculum.
Abhimanyu in his suicide note wrote about how much he loved his parents and his younger brother and he hoped that his death would make the CBSE to amend the course material as it causes the extreme pressure on students.
The grieved mother of the boy told the media that they were a happy family and she was shocked as to why the boy did not come and speak to her about what he was going through. 
The school had assured that they would provide a copy of the note to the grieved family and they hope that the police would keep their words. Earlier the school refused to provide them with the same as according to the laws of the state they could only communicate with the police or the KHDA (Knowledge and Human Development Authority) on this.
She said reading the full, seven-page note, written on the chemistry exam answer sheet, had at least given the family some closure. In CBSE board the students in order to score good marks should be good in rote method of learning. Every year a large number of students appear in class XII board exam and the result determines in which university the student will get admitted into. The pressure to perform well from the teachers and parents lets the student take such extreme step of committing suicide .
“My son had written: ‘The CBSE system is based on mugging [rote]. Education should be about understanding and applying your knowledge. My death should be a lesson and a reason for the system to change’,” Mrs Sadasivan said.
The school authorities told the parents that they were waiting for Abhimanyu on the day of his math’s exam so that they can question him about the note but when he did not turn up after 3 hours the school authorities called his home only to find the news of his suicide.
To add to the grief of the parents the school in oudh metha had sent constant reminders about the due fees of 3395 dirham’s to be paid even after two months of his death. The school authorities apologized for this mistake done by the automatic software built to remind parents for the fee submission if not submitted on time.
The Nios board can be the perfect remedy for the students who have problems mugging up as the syllabus is easy to understand .The NIOS board is an open university so the student does not have to attend regular classes and eases the pressure from students .It is borad in which it is easy to score. Conducts exam twice a year once in the months of April and October so that students can appear in exam when ever it’s convenient for them. It provides student 9 attempts to its students to appear and pass the exam. The students can appear to a maximum of four subjects in his class 11th exam and the rest of the papers the next years this eases the board exam pressure to a great extent. The lenient time constraint of five years given to students to clear each of the Secondary and Sr. Secondary (with either or both Academic or Vocational courses) with as many as nine possible attempts, makes it much easier for students to pass.


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