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How to ... Help students who fail exams

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Understudies do fall flat exams and disappointment does make a difference. Despite the fact that finish obviously stamps for some degrees never again depend altogether on exams, exam execution still tallies. At the point when exams are critical then disappointment is an issue. Where exams matter, at that point resits toward the finish of the mid year are the truth for a few understudies. 
Exams have turned into the Cinderella of the learning bolster world. Consideration has a tendency to be centered more around composing and on coursework evaluation about which a lot of counsel is accessible for both staff and understudies. However, as each teacher knows horrendously well during this time, there are a few understudies for whom examinations are simply excessively troublesome (not really less capable understudies). 
Maybe they are understudies who are so miserable doing exams that they perform well underneath their abilities; all the more infrequently, there are understudies who fall flat examinations after an extended time of battle with a course; or perhaps life has turned out badly and individual troubles have applied additional weight at exam time. 
Whatever has realized the circumstance, staff can wind up meeting understudies who have flopped not long after the news has at last broken.