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Parents and Teachers concern before student Board exam start

  • Tutor:   Rahul
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When we tried to know what school principals undergo at the time of board examinations, their concerns and most importantly how they encourage students to score well in the upcoming deciding examinations of their future.
When a class 10th student failed all his preboard exams, we as teachers could not believe it for a fact.  A parent had to say that their student woke all night long for studying, it is surprising their son failed in all subjects but the school principal and conecrned teachers responded with staying awake all night was that one thing that ruined that child's exams. Extreme stress levels led to his poor performance and poor concentration during exam hours. Many adolescents are confused due to lack of support and cooperation from parents.
"The challenge should be school result should not go down. We encourage children to understand the subject material and not to mug it up. The challenge to achieve is to motivate below average students to perform well.  '' said Lalit Gaur, principal, Kendriya Vidyalaya, Aliganj.
Ahead of board examinations, school principals have taken up the task of counseling every board appearing pupil's parents. The principal  should personally hand over admit cards to all board examinees ahead of the scheduled board time. The principals, for whom boards are a difficult time, are now guiding students, particularly low rankers and failures, so that they do not become victim to stress or end up wobbling during the exams and finally failing their boards.
More than stress, board examinations are of concern to the principals. Not only students, parents and teachers need to remain cool. The schools should setup a student support system that keeps track of their studies. Unnecessary nagging and wrong guidance takes its toll on them. Guardians must ensure they don't force their children to stay awake all night and study." said Harish Tyagi , CBSE invigilator, Lucknow.
Principal, Seth M R Jaipuria School said "closer to the exams, our tutors are told not to scold or nag the students who score less than 40% as low achievers. Alternatively we ask teachers to motivate and bring their spirit high at this cricial time. A student's frame of mind with confidence also sometimes pushes him to score more with ease''.
Peer pressure, parental pressure and fear of possible failure all add up to the stress of a 12th appearing student. Class XII students are always been ones who are expected to leave all other activity as their exam approaches near, which leads them to down by extreme pressure to perform well and score high in order to get into the best colleges and institutions. Children, especially boys, need freedom and do not like to be continuously being told to study,'' said Rev Fr Denis Naresh Lobo, principal, St Francis' College.
As joint director of Lucknow Public Collegiate, Khan said he is worried for children who are non-serious. "There are students who don't study. Their parents weep in front of us. Our duty is to guide and motivate the student,'' he said.
  • Relax, revise, avoid new topics
  • Develop a positive mindset
  • Feel free to approach teachers for any doubt
  • Revise and do not study any new topics now
  • Maintain a regular sleep pattern
  • Learn, do not mug up
"Students who wait for the last minute are the ones who feel the pressure. For the non-serious students, even we are under stress sometimes. Every year, there is a fresh batch. It's more of a routine now.'' | Gurpreet kaur, principal, CMS , Thakurganj.
"We tell our students regularly that high marks scored through rote learning are of little use. It's knowledge they should crave for. Time-management workshops were held for the board students some days back." | Sabrina Sinha, teacher, Study Hall.
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