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Role and responsibility of Teachers in Indian society

Tutor: SS Coaching team   
Role and responsibility of Teachers in Indian society

teacher responsibility“A good school is a national asset of the highest value at any place or at any time .school are the laboratories which produce the future citizens of a state. The quality of the state therefore depends upon the quality of such laboratories”
The role of a teacher is to shape the minds of the younger generation. That shaping will be on positive lines, development of a scientific and humanistic attitude and temper, self discipline.For developing such laboratories teacher has play a key role in the modern society. A teacher has to generate that energy in one self and handle it in one’s work of educating the boys and girls that resort to him or her has not only to instruct but also to inspire the students. He or she has to influence the life and character of his or her students and give them with ideas and values which will first fit them to enter the stream of national life and as worthy citizens.You have to do all these during the years they are under your influence in the school. The students must be educated to become the instruments to develop an integrated nation out of our diversities. They must be made acquainted with noble humanistic sentiments of our constitution and impressed with the passion to translate them in to socio-political realities. Your students belong to the age groups when character can be formed and national attitudes developed. You have to be the instruments of our new educational policy and action programme to develop, in your students, a high character, energy, a pure national awareness. a frim democratic loyalty. A dedicated social responsibility this must be done in the context of teaching of the other curriculum subjects. Whatever India will be in the the next generation will depend upon what you do to your students today in the class rooms. Today’s children in the school will start working and shouldering national responsibilities in the beginning of the next century. You have to give them the sense of national loyalty and responsibility. You must help to remove from minds whatever is negative and weakening them. We have to eliminate what is bad and strengthen what is good. It is education that instills the capacity to discriminate between the two and the courage to reject what is bad and irrelevant and weakening. During education, our youth must be helped to identify and retain the positive elements and pass them on to the next generation after strengthening them with their own contribution.
You must very much encourage that type of education for our children, we don’t want our children to continue in the old stagnant state of mind and attitude. We want a creative mind in our children, so that teacher’s role is great and responsibility is tremendous. He or she has to be able to assimilate the educational values and ideas of one’s own culture and from western too. The nation needs the services of millions of teachers who have trained minds and who have learnt to think and to say to themselves.
Today, the Effective teacher is one who sometimes sees himself in his students. Therefore a teacher is just like an actor who plays many roles such as:
*    A modern teacher is a helping teacher. It is the teacher who through the class room imbibes the feeling of ‘Share and Tell’, ‘Give and Take’, ‘Think and Do’ in the students which is later on generated in the society.
*    A modern teacher is always Flexible in his Approach. The modern teacher encourages new trends in the field of education. He is ready to make experiments to make the teaching learning process effective by keeping in view the new trends, new waves in the modern society.
*    A modern teacher welcomes changes and accommodates the society with upcoming trends. As the technological advances are taking place rapidly, everyday, it is new thought, new wave and teacher welcomes the changes and makes the society ready to face the new challenges, new trends.
*    A modern teacher is Good Counsellor. Teacher’s field is not limited up to covering the academic side but he also performs the role of a counselor for the students and the society. He is considered to be the specialist and highly knowledgeable person. People look up to him as a person who can really give a good piece of advice.
*    Transmitter of values: He is the one who carries the higher values, virtues within him so as to become a role model of the society and thus strengthening the moral aspect of the society.
*    Custodian and Architect of our future; Mrs. Indira Gandhi Said “Nation’s well being depends on teacher’s well being. Our teachers are the custodian of our future.”   Modern teacher has an important role to play to shape of the future of the country.
The teacher is the architect of our future. They are the one who show us the right path as someone has rightly said “Teacher is just like a lamp, who burns itself to light others”.
Along with all these qualities, modern teacher is democratic, sympathetic, self confident, industrious and most importantly self confident, having strong sense of duty. As someone has rightly said, “All things to all his pupils”.
*    Teacher's, you are highly Thoughtful, Thinker always striving hard to inculcate the good values and virtues in each and every ward.
*    You being Epitome of knowledge, enthusiastic, inspire and ignite young minds to realise their potential to understand and innovate the new technology.
*    You are blessed with the Attitude to think and grow with the progress of each student.
*    Your Courageous step towards discipline helps students to complete the assignments in time.
*    The Humbleness and helpful attitude of yours deserves applaud from the student community.
*    The Encouragement the students receive from you, time and again for the positives and corrective measures for the negatives helps them to become complete rounded personality.
*    You being the Resourceful person, sharing with the students make them tough, disciplined and capable of venturing in all walks of life.
TEACHER hats of to you, you are Thoughtful, Epitome of knowledge, Affable, Courageous, Humble, Energetic and Resourceful person. Shaping millions of young minds and contributing immensely in the development of nation.