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Short Film of a Failed Students Struggle

Tutor: SS Coaching team   
Short Film of a Failed Students Struggle

Scene 1
A young teenage/young adult boy is sitting in his room looking all nervous and restless awaiting his intermediate result. With cold limbs and warm ears he somehow gradually passes a couple of hours in his room while  changing numerous sitting positions. Finally the time arrives when the results are supposed to be up on the internet. With shaking hands he turns on his computer and in a couple of minutes he is on the homepage of the website which is supposed to declare the results. He then enters his details on the website and then reluctantly hits enter. With increasing heartbeat, nervously shaking legs and sweating armpits, he watches the website reload. The site couple of time errors out and does not reload. Few minutes of constanly hitting reload, his hands are now stunned by what his eyes have seen. His eyes have been stuck at just one place on his computer screen, the place which reads in bold letters 'FAILED'. He is somewhat glued to the chair he was sitting in and is just continously looking at the computer screen. His cellphone keeps on ringing by the calls he is getting from his friends and relatives who want to know how his results turned out. He is aware of the continuous ringing yet so unaware. After sometime his mother returns home after shopping for groceries and some other stuff and she walks into her son's bedroom. She finds him sitting on a chair in front of his computer, like he is in a trance or something. She puts a hand on his shoulder and asks him about his result. No answer. She then calls out his name and tries to shake him a little. Still, no answer. She then finally sits down on her knees in front of him and asks him worryingly as to what has happened and what about the results. She then probably aware of what has happened looks at the computer screen and sees the result. With a heavy heart she absorbs what she saw and then starts talking to his son. But the son is not anymore aware of what is going on around him and is not even listening to anything his mother is saying. Everything is a complete silence to him. His mother tensed and with tears in her eyes keeps scolding him and he just sits there, unresponsive.
Scene 2
Few days pass by but the boy spends all his time in his room. Never steps out of it even once. His mother walks into his room and looks at the food which she brought him earlier, untouched and cold. She walks out and looks hopelessly at the boy's father who is standing just outside the room. He looks as in consolation.
Scene 3
One morning, the father is sitting in his room reading newspaper over a cup of tea. He is engaged by something his eyes caught attention of. He then picks up his phone and starts dialling a number on it and then puts the phone to his ear.
Scene 4
The sons still gloomy by his results is lying on his bed staring at the ceiling. Then the door of his room opens and his father is standing there. He looks at his son with a light smile on his face. The son curious by his father expressions gets up and looks at his father, puzzled.
Scene 5
The boy is walking on the streets as if looking for someplace. He then reaches his destination which is an office kind of place and opens the door and enters. The board above the door reads 'S.S. Coaching'.
Scene 6
The boy now sits on the reception area of the coaching and fills up some forms. After the formalities he walks into a classroom where already few students are present and sits on a chair. Few months pass by and he has completed his coaching and given the examinations.
Scene 7
The time when he is awaiting his intermediate results has neared and he is again waiting anxiously in his room sitting in front of the computer. The clock strikes the time when the results are supposed to be out and with a deep breath he then opens the website, enters his details and clicks enter. He is looking at the monitor screen when suddenly something makes him smile.
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