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Stick to basics and success shall follow in Exams

Tutor: Sameer Khan   
Stick to basics and success shall follow in Exams

Success In NIOSWith board exams round the corner, students are caught up with simplifying the mantra for success. The terminology 'success mantra' has gained currency. What you need is to stick to the basic principles of preparation, success will follow.
Group study enhances confidence level. Take out time, once a while, to discuss and debate with friends. Your friends may have different way of tackling a problem or a difficult concept. Studying in a group also helps you validate your exam preparedness and efforts. Concentrate and contribute more time in practicing weaker subjects. At the same time, give equal importance to each subject. Ignoring even one subject can lead to a dramatic fall in the aggregate percentage.
One has to spend the required amount of time on each subject, based on his proficiency and the vastness of the syllabus. Start with planning. Success in exams is largely dependent on planning and strategy. I would advise students to start preparations for exams in the reverse order, i.e. prepare first for the last exam and then proceed in that order so that you can prepare for the first exam five to eight days ahead of it. One needs to ensure that he/she has sufficient time for preparation and is armed with a time-tested strategy. 
The second important thing is time management. It is a vital tool for success in exams. . Sleep early and get up early. This will make you stay fit and fresh. Around eight to 10 hours of study, well-spaced with sufficient recreation and light exercise, will keep you fresh and agile. That time of the day/night when you get maximum concentration should be utilized to practice the most difficult subject. You will also need to take proper care of your health. Don't allow yourself to fall sick due to tension, deprivation of sleep or food. Remain cool and relaxed. Try to get time to talk to family, friends and listening to music or TV news or go out for small walk, in between your study hours.
Last but not the least, sleep well on the previous night of an exam. Don't do anything in a hurry, even reading or finishing off a chapter. Spend a few minutes in prayeror meditation in the exam hall before collecting your question papers. Leave the rest to God - and success will be all yours.
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