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Students prevented from promotion to 10th 12th by their schools

  • Tutor:   Meenakshi Srivastava
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Competition in Board Exams

In the growing era of competition, no one wants to be behind  others. There has been a marked increase in the number of renowned schools and the brand of schools in urban and rural areas throughout the country. More than this, the competition to give excellent and chart topping results has also brought schools into the rat race of results. This is prompting them not to take a risk with any weak student in studies and thus they prevent their progress from Class 9th to Class 10 th standard and from Class 11th to Class 12th so that the result of the school is not adversely affected and it can show to new students the success school has achieved with excellent passing percentage of students. This poses a threat to the entire year of the child as he/she has to repeat Class 9 or Class 11 and then pass with good marks to be allowed to give board examinations. The schools who do not allow the students to go through class 9 or class 11 fail to realize that the student might not have been able to perform up to their expectation levels due to some or the other problem that may have arisen, instead they only become self-centred and think about personal gains like results and waste the year of the student.

This is where the NIOS (National Institute of Open Schooling) Board is different from the other schools or boards. It allows a student to fill the board forms and give the exams irrespective of the fact whether the student has passed class 9 / class 11 or not and without judging the capabilities of the child. It gives the students an opportunity to fill the board exam forms and then study by themselves or take regular classes from SS Coaching to pass the exams.  The students can fill the forms from the SS Coaching offices in different cities and the board will then send the complete study material to the registered address of the student. The student can also opt for a complete classroom program of SS Coaching, which will ensure that the student studies well enough to get excellent marks in the exams. The studying atmosphere and the plethora of knowledge given by the teachers of SS Coaching give the student enough motivation and confidence to clear the exam with excellent results. The students who have done only form filling can also approach for help related to subjects. A complete guidance on the NIOS board is available 8 hours a day throughtout the week except sundays in the SS Coaching offices. The friendly atmosphere and guidance helps the students to develop a positive attitude towards studies which helps them in their future also. So, every student who has faced this problem on the part of their school should go for NIOS Board exams and find out all the details in the nearest SS Coaching office or on the SS Coaching website and save the crucial years of their academic careers.


For any help related to admission in NIOS please contact SS Coaching @ on our Toll-Free No. 1800-120-6077