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Students who could not appear in Board exams because of failing in 9th or 11th

  • Tutor:   Shashwat Agarwal
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Students there is no need to get disheartened if you fail to appear in class 9th or class 11 th  due to any reason. They don’t need to quit their studies and can continue their studies without any gap in their academics. There is a perfect solution for such students in NIOS board. In NIOS board a student can appear in Secondary and senior secondary exam even if they have failed or have been debarred from  appearing in  class IXth or XIth .The students can avoid a year gap by simply enrolling in NIOS for Secondary or Senior secondary level. NIOS provides a chance to such students by letting them appear in Secondary and Senior secondary exam even if they have failed in class IXth or XIth exam.

This facility provided by NIOS board is a boon for the failed students or debarred students due to shortage of attendance or some other personal reason due of which they are not promoted from class 9th and 11tto secondary and senior secondary level respectively. This not only saves the students from a year loss but also prevents them embarrassment of repeating the same class which often results as a cause for suicide by students. NIOS in a way acts as a savior for such students who get frustrated and full of anxiety as they know that failing will hamper their career. The students at times even take the extreme step of committing suicide on failing to cope with the shock of failing in class IX or XII.

The enrollment for IX and XI failed students are open ,all you need is to contact Mr Sarvesh Sonkar founder Director of SS coaching Lucknow and get yourself enrolled in NIOS board to appear in class X (Secondary) level and XII (Senior Secondary) level the same year.

failed students 9th 11th standard

The waste of year on failing affects their career ahead because it causes a degradation of their image and diminishes their chances of getting good jobs ahead. This also gets their interest away from studies sometimes thus taking them on to unwanted and wrong paths. In such a case and situation there is a need of able and reliable guidance that can guide the students to the right path and also help them to save their year. The schools also do not provide much support because they are often busy focusing their attention on the high flying students who are likely to give them higher and better results. Therefore, it is also necessary that the student also gains the required amount of knowledge that they would have otherwise gained if and when they would have passed their class 9 and class 11. This is where the NIOS (National Institute of Open Schooling) Board steps in as the perfect rescue needed by any student. It gives the solution to all the problems and along with SS Coaching it gives the students to achieve all that they want to in terms of their board results. The student can fill the forms of the NIOS board from the SS Coaching website or also from by visiting the SS Coaching offices in the different cities and places. The filling of the form entitles the student to give the board exams as per the scheduled time when they were to give it in their school or any other board. The board provides the students with all the study material. The studies can be done by the student with the help of SS Coaching’s full time classes program which helps the student to grasp the entire syllabus to the best and thus score highly in the exams. The classroom program is done as any other school’s program where there are 6 days a week classes with specialized teachers taking classes for the particular subjects and having knowledge of the entire syllabus of the NIOS board subjects.


The subjects that require practical knowledge are also taken care of by the ss coaching and thus the student receives complete guidance on how to go about prepare for the board exams. So, every student who has faced this problem on the part of their school should go for NIOS Board exams and find out all the details in the nearest SS Coaching office or on the SS Coaching website and save the crucial years of their academic career.



For any help related to admission in NIOS please contact SS Coaching @ on our Toll-Free No. 1800-120-6077