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This 12th Fail Guy Has A Message For All Those Who Didn’t Fare Well In Their Boards

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It's the outcome season all over the place. After the twelfth board exam comes about, it's the UPSC comes about that is currently standing out as truly newsworthy. Meetings of toppers with them telling how constantly they considered during the time have been doing the rounds all over the place. What's more, in the midst of this festival, we have, maybe accidentally, consigned the individuals who fizzled or didn't score too well. 
Since for a ton of us, marks are the only things that are in any way important. However, would they say they are extremely that critical? 
It's unquestionably motivation to celebrate when somebody prevails in an examination. Yet, imagine a scenario where an understudy comes up short. Are exams a definitive parameter to judge a man's capacities? We live in a general public that gives most extreme significance to numbers and neglects to perceive that not all entryways are shut if a man neglects to traverse. The weight on understudies develops to such a degree, to the point that some even wind up ending their lives.
Each one of the individuals who couldn't score up to the desires for their folks, don't lose your heart in light of the fact that there are individuals, who notwithstanding failing sheets or not scoring great, have possessed the capacity to find real success. 
You should simply distinguish what you're energetic about and give everything you have. Much the same as Vaibhav Jha, a 26-year-old who fizzled his twelfth sheets, yet is maintaining his own particular business today. Also, he could do this since he didn't lose confidence in himself.