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Unusual, odd and funny board exam superstitions

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Think back to the religious symbols written on top of answer sheets hoping to lure and bribe the gods into bringing him to the top of his class. Even though student taking the CBSE Board exams, the curiosity of what is at stake has moved students to do the most unusual of things over the years in the hope that they will perform exceptionally brilliant if they follow these superstitions. Apart from parental guidelines and teachers' tips, some students have their personal tiny 'rituals' that they believe bring them a meagre extra luck and a lot of extra percentage, definately.


Some of the superstitious beliefs related to ICSE, ISC, NIOS or State Board Exam appearing students are are:

  • Placing your book under your pillow when student sleep at night
  • Stepping with your right foot first when you enter the room
  • Bringing red pen on the first day and a green pen on the second day
  • Have someone who passed the board exam before to sign on your notes
  • Wearing red underwear when you take the board exam 


Not shaving, not bathing
Some students would bot shave their beard during the month preceding the exam days. Even if people made fun of them, stil they would not shave. But if their first exam did not go well, they would would shave immediately. Instead of using good sense, manystudents now have started believing in the superstition. If her exam went well, bathe before the next exam, but if it didn't go well, some would immediately bathe.

Inducing tears before every exam
many students fell ill during their board year exams, so they cry out of fear before every exam. Since then, it's become a sort of ritual for these students to cry the night before the exam - it makes them thinkthey will top again.


Entering the exam hall late
people  believes that whenever sudent is on time for anything, that thing would not work out for them. So they always enters the exam hall 5-10 minutes late as to make sure it goes well.

Boyfriend sacrifice
best friend does not talk to their boyfriends during the exam month thinking that if she makes this 'sacrifice', the universe will reward her with high marks. Even if girls boyfriend threaten them with a break-up, girls religiously sticks to their 'promise'.


Mom in mandir throughout exam
"When students are taking Board exams, the father's job is to drop and pick them up, and mom's job was to sit inside the puja ghar till the time the exam ended, while just praying. It was sort of a superstition imposed, but it worked.

No hair wash
Most of the appearing students never wash our hair the day before an exam. It's like an extension of sleeping with your book under your pillow.

Must donate books after exam
It is a charity task to donate my books after my exam and mon tells that if you don't clean your room, you will never get rid of these book. Student get  so scared that not only do they clean the room, they even donate books, and thus giving them relief about sticking with that superstition until it worked in their favour.


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