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Uttar Pradesh fair better than Goa in student dropout rate according to planning commission latest report

  • Tutor:   Shaji Siqqiqui
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UP being a far bigger state than union territory Goa even though the student dropout rate in UP is less than GOA. The Planning Commission's report data shows that the state still ranks at seventh among states and union territories of India with a dropout rate from Class 1st to 10th of 28%.It was assumed that state like Uttar Pradesh are backward states and would be high in number of dropouts but the planning commission latest report came as a eye opener for those who thought that in UP and Haryana the dropout percentage would be very high. The report stated that in UP and Haryana the dropout rate is 19% and 24% respectively. Pondicherry has the best figure with just 6% of its students dropping out of schooling system. The significant reduction in dropout percentage in UP is mainly due to the awareness of NIOS board.SS coaching has definitely worked wonders for the students who have discontinued there studies by giving them awareness about NIOS board and as to how they can continue their studies without attending proper regular school.SS coaching puts in all its effort to reach students all over UP and nearby states to make them aware about NIOS and convinces them to continue their studies through NIOS board. It is due to the constant effort of Mr Sarvesh Sonkar founder Director of SS coaching lucknow that students have come to know about NIOS board in Lucknow and all over UP.

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Planning Commission statistics are based on data of 2010-11 and academics believe that Goa's dropout rate will reduce with the Right to Education's no-fail policy having been introduced from 2010 onwards that prevents detention of students up to Class VIII.

the dropout rate of 28% is matter of concern and it necessary to know the root cause for the increase in dropout students. It is of concern especially as the dropout rate continues to be high even with the interventions like the Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan

The dropping out from school mostly takes place in the higher classes like Class IX and X. The government needs to promote NIOS board as a medium to continue studies for the dropout students. The advantages of studying at NIOS board should be told to the students of Goa.

"In my view, we have a diluted syllabus and a diluted evaluation system, yet many children are unable to cope with it. The figure of 28% seems big, but those working in the education sector agree that there is a 20 to 22% dropout from Class V to X. I am told that around 10% leave mostly to work as drivers and in Goa's tourism sector in the lower rungs. These are students who leave voluntarily. It is the other 10% who leave involuntarily who can be reclaimed with changes in our education system," Timble said.

He believes that vocationalization of education can retain these 10% in schools. "By vocationalization I mean training the children in job-oriented skills and not just introduction of one vocational subject. This will help as not all children are cut out for the general formal education system," Timble said.


NIOS not only provides education but also gives vocational training to students  list of vocational courses for the those students who need to have some type of technical hand training  to assist  them in earning a livelihood at the same time helping them continue their studies are given below

Secondary Level

            ·                Carpentry

·                Solar Energy Technician

·                Biogas Energy Technician

·                Bakery and Confectionery

·                Welding Technology

·                Secondary Level:Typewriting Hindi/English

Senior Secondary Level

·                Senior Secondary Level:Typewriting Hindi/English

·                Stenography Hindi/English

·                Secretarial Practice

·                Senior Secondary Level:Word Processing (MS-Word)

·                Stenography Urdu

·                Typewriting Urdu

·                Plant Protection

·                Water Management for Crop Production

·                Oyster Mushroom Production Technology

·                Furniture and Cabinet Making

·                Electro-Plating

·                Housekeeping

·                Catering Management

·                Food Processing

·                Play Centre Management

·                Hotel Front Office Operations

·                Poultry Farming

·                Soil and Fertilizer Management

·                Preservation of Fruits and Vegetables


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