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What are the medium of studies (languages) available in NIOS

Tutor: SS Coaching Team   
What are the medium of studies (languages) available in NIOS

NIOS offers and facilitates its students in an exceedingly type of languages i.e., Hindi, English and Urdu medium. At the secondary levels not solely we offer Hindi, English and Urdu however additionally give our courses in Telugu, Gujarati, Malayalam and Sanskrit language as alternative mediums for college students to check well.

NIOS offers its courses notably in English, Hindi, and Urdu mediums. For Secondary level the course is obtainable in regional medium and is additionally offered in Telugu, Malayalam, Gujarati, and Sanskrit language beside English, Hindi, and Urdu languages. Students are liberal to select any of their languages in line with their selection and preference.

The Requirements and decisions of Learners are totally different from each other. The facilities offered within the formal education system aren't decent to satisfy this huge and varied demand. in and of itself several learners face varied issues in finishing their faculty level education.

In India, the Secondary and Sr. Secondary studies are being completed at the age of fifteen and seventeen years severally. But, such a lot of learners aren't able to complete these goals among the stipulated time thanks to one or alternative reasons. a number of them even get drop out from the college they miss not solely their faculty education however precious  time additionally .

NIOS take away barriers of college education and facilitate the college dropouts to create up lost studies and time to an excellent extent .

In regular schooling kids are absolute to study all the topics with 2 languages, science, arithmetic, and social science; every and each subject might have one or quite one communicating to qualify. These faculty boards with that regular colleges are registered provide you with the liberty with associate degree exemption from second language for college students with a language incapacity and some boards need the magnitude of this incapacity to exceed five hundredth to qualify for the exemptions. No alternative board provides such exemptions from subjects like arithmetic or science, like students with the Arithmetic inabilities.