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Why SS Coaching is best for NIOS exam in Lucknow

Tutor: SS Coaching team   
Why SS Coaching is best for NIOS exam in Lucknow


SS Coaching in Lucknow strives to recognize that higher education has greater responsibilities to address the issues of society both in India and abroad. SS Coaching has taken a decade of revolutionary hard work by the academic community to bring NIOS education under one roof. The institute has developed a practice of education where more emphasis is given on learning than on mere instruction. The step to enroll and educate students with National Institute of Open Schooling is an extension of their Inclusive education programme. Those students, who are unable to cope with the load of the regular curriculum in spite of the concessions provided by the board for candidates with special needs, are given the opportunity of completing their school education through the NIOS stream. The NIOS examination is same as X and XII board examinations. There is flexibility in the choice of subjects and a time period of 5 years to complete the course as a whole or in parts, many students are able to finish their school education and move ahead.


In previous 10 years, around 10,000 students have successfully finished their X/XII through SS coaching’s NIOS coaching program and they want more and more students to be able to get a chance so they can also succeed in the open schooling scenario of NIOS. The NIOS department of the SS coaching functions with the help of a small team of dedicated teachers and volunteers. They are indeed 'making a big difference by contributing their bit and also strengthening the vision and mission of the founders of SS Coaching. SS Coaching of Lucknow strives to prepare students with learning disabilities and failures who are unable to finish education because of a number of reasons, to learn from the National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS) curriculum at class IX, X, XI and XII level, and function at their maximum ability.


This can only be accomplished with the help of well equipped and experienced teachers who will use the available and most current state of the teaching practices in educating the NIOS students. Students who are classified as learning disabled usually demonstrate a wide range of academic and social abilities and needs. And in response, teachers at SS coaching use a wide variety of teaching and evaluation strategies in classrooms to suit and meet those needs. An overwhelming philosophy of their program is to pass on to students in a manner that accepts and understands their worth as human beings, that respects and upgrades their dignity and status, and that reflects to society and other qualified professionals their positive attributes, learning potential, and individuality and that they also have the potential to compete like others in this competing world now of ours.