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Physics Subject (312) in NIOS Senior Secondary 12th

The importance of physics to society today is most easily represented by our reliance on technology. Many of the technologies that that are continually transforming the world we live in can be directly traced back to important physics research.There are countless more examples of research in physics leading to the development of important technologies.The study of physics in schools and universities is undoubtedly relevant to society today. However an individual deciding whether to study physics in senior school has to decide whether physics is relevant to them.



In India people give higher importance to education and learning. Parents always try to give best to their child in terms of education and career. There is always confusion for parents to choose between NIOS or regular schooling. Very few know what are the difference between them and their education patterns? advantages and disadvantages of their education pattern. We have given some details about both education patterns to make you easier to select right pattern for your child. NIOS being older more open schooling follows NIOS pattern syllabus and education methods which resembles much like CBSE Board. That is why CBSE and NIOS pattern is more popular. This will help you to find a coaching in your city to prepare your child in case you are switching to new locations within the country. If you want to travel abroad then you will find more CBSE pattern schools outside India than ICSE schools. NIOS like CBSE is recognized by Indian government and ICSE is not. Popularity of NIOS as an open schooling board is growing day by day though.



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“Intelligence plus character-that is the goal of true education.” 

-Martin Luther King Jr.



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