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Political Science Subject (317) in NIOS Senior Secondary 12th

Political science is the study of governments, public policies and political processes, systems, and political behavior.  Political science subfields include political theory, political philosophy, political ideology,  political economy, policy studies and analysis, comparative politics, international relations, and a host of related fields.Well, we soon learned that political science is not about the real world but only about those features of the world that can be studied by methods deemed to be scientific.


Politics is the activity through which bodies preserve and amend the general rules under which they live. Treated as a field of social sciences, Political Science is the study of The Constitution which is the highest law of the land. It involves the study of governmental, non- governmental systems and operation procedures. The term ‘Politics’ is applied to a particular social phenomenon as well as a systematic study in all countries.The study of Political Science develops not only reasoning and analytical skills, but also communication skills, both oral and written. Furthermore, broadly Political Science majors acquire skills in data analysis and computer handling. Political scientists can enter the field as a research assistant by earning a Bachelor's Degree in Political Science or in any of the social sciences. But to acquire this knowledge a strong base is only provided by choosing it as one of the subjects in NIOS choice of curriculum in senior secondary (12th).
Political scientists need excellent written and oral communication skills to collaborate on the research. They also need to have significant levels of intellectual creativity and liking as they have to constantly be over look out for new knowledge and findings. Others skills required include good analytical skills, self-confidence and an understanding of human psychology. An open mind and systematic work habits are important in all kinds of social science research. 
NIOS begins to teach political science in the form of civics as part of the social studies curriculum In senior secondary stream of open schooling. The bachelors degree in political science with a major or honours, and then the masters degree provides adequate coverage of political science. Political science is a very useful base for professional education in law, social work, teacher training, public relations and development.



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