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Sociology Subject (331) in NIOS Senior Secondary 12th

Sociology is the scientific study of society: its composition, organization, culture, and development. Sociology combines scientific methods with humanistic perspectives and integrates the findings of economics, political science, psychology, and history.Sociologists stress the importance of systematically gathering and analyzing evidence about social life to enrich our understanding of the social processes that drive society and impact on everyday life. Sociology’s broad scope and a strong perspective on our world make it a highly popular subject with NIOS students.



There are two schools of thought with different viewpoints regarding scope and subject matter of educational sociology- 1-formal school and 2-openschool. According to formal school sociology was conceived to be a social science with a specifically defined field. Formal school argued in favor of giving sociology a definite subject matter to make its clear picture. It emphasized upon the study of forms of social relationships and regarded sociology as independent. Sociology is a specific social science which describes, classifies, and analyses the forms of social relationships or in other words social interactions should be classified into various forms or types. 



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