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Syllabus Biology Senior Secondary NIOS

NIOS Syllabus for Senior Secondary

Biology (314)


    Course Structure Of Biology 



(No. & name)  

TMA (40%) 

Public Examination (60%) 


1.Module-I: Diversity and Evolution of Life (12 Marks)


L-2.The Kingdom Monera, Protoctista and Fungi 

L-3.Kingdom Plantae and Animalia 

L-5.Tissues and other Level of Organization


2.Module-II Forms and Functions of Plants and Animals (26 Marks)


L-6. Root system 

L-7. Shoot system 

L-10.Nitrogen Metabolism


L-12. Respiration in Plants 

L-15. Circulation of Body Fluids 

L-17. Coordination and Control - The Nervous and Endocrine Systems  


3.Module-III: Reproduction and Heredity (22 Marks )


L-19. Reproduction in Plants 

L.21. Reproduction and Population Control 

L-22. Principles of Genetics

L-23. Molecular Inheritance and Gene Expression 


4.Module- IV: Environment and Health (13 Marks)


L-25. Principles of Ecology 

L-28. Nutrition and Health 


5.Module- V: Emerging Areas in Biology(7 Marks)


L.30 Immunobiology: An Introduction 

L.31 Biotechnology 




   Syllabus Biology Senior Secondary NIOS

Name Of The Lesson:

Lesson 2-The Kingdoms Monera, Protoctista and Fungi

Lesson 3-Kingdoms Plantae and Animalia

Lesson 5-Tissues and other Levels of Organization

Lesson 6-Root System

Lesson 7-Shoot System

Lesson 10-Nitrogen Metabolism

Lesson 11-Photosynthesis

Lesson 12-Respiration in Plants

Lesson 15-Circulation of Body Fluids

Lesson 17- Homeostasis : The Steady State

Lesson-18. Reproduction in Plants

Lesson-21. Reproduction and Population Control 

Lesson-22. Principles of Genetics 

Lesson-23. Molecular Inheritance and Gene Expression 

Lesson-25. Principles of Ecology 

Lesson-28. Nutrition and Health 

Lesson 30-Immunobiology : An Introduction


Lesson 31-Biotechnology 


Download the Official NIOS Senior Secondary Biology (314) Syllabus here.

Download the Official NIOS Senior Secondary Biology (314) Sample Question Paper here.