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Syllabus Chemistry Senior Secondary NIOS

NIOS Syllabus for Senior Secondary

Chemistry (313) 


   Course Structure Of Chemistry



(No. & name)

TMA (40%) 

(No.of lessons-12)

Public Examination (60%)

(Total Lesson - 20)  


Study Hours

Module I Some Basic concepts of Chemistry


Lesson-1 (Atoms, Molecules and Chemical Arithmetic) 



Module II Atomic Structure and Chemical Bonding 


Lesson-2 (Atomic Structure) Lesson-4(Chemical Bonding)



Module III States of Matter 





Module VI Chemical Energetics 


Lesson-9(Chemical Thermodynamics) 



Module V Chemical Dynamics  


Lesson-12(Ionic Equilibrium) Lesson-13(Electrochemistry) Lesson-18 (General Characteristics of p-Block Elements)  



Module VI Chemistry of Elements 


Lesson-17 (Hydrogen and s-Block Elements

Lesson-20 (p-Block Elements and their Compounds-II) Lesson-21 d-Block and f-Block Elements 

Lesson-22 ( Coordination Compounds)  


Module VII Chemistry of Organic Compounds 


Lesson-23 (Nomenclature and General Principles

Lesson-24 (Hydrocarbons) Lesson-25 (Compounds of Carbon Containing Halogens) Lesson-26 (Alcohols, Phenols and Ethers)

 Lesson-27 (Aldehydes, Ketones and Carboxylic Acids) 

Lesson-28 (Compounds of Carbon Containing Nitrogen) Lesson-29 (Biomolecules)


Module VIII Chemistry in Everyday Life  


Lesson-31 (Soaps, Detergents and Polymers) 




Lesson-1 Measurements in chemistry


Lesson-3 Chemical stoichiometry

Lesson-5 Liquids and Solids


Lesson-7 The colloidal solution

Lesson-8 Some basic concepts of thermodynamics and thermochemistry

Lesson-9 Spontaneity of chemical reactions

Lesson-10 Chemical equilibrium

Lesson-11 Electrochemistry

Lesson-12 Chemical kinetics rates of chemical reaction

Lesson-13 Ionic equilibria

Lesson-14 Atomic Structure

Lesson-15 Periodic table and variation in atomic properties

Lesson-16 The Chemical bond-1

Lesson-17 The Chemical bond-2

Lesson-18 General characteristics of main group elements

Lesson-19 General characteristics of transition elements

Lesson-20 Main group elements and their compounds-1

Lesson-21 Main group elements and their compounds-2  

Lesson-22 Chemistry of some important compounds of transition elements

Lesson-23 General metallurgical principles  

Lesson 24  

Lesson 25  

Lesson-26 Preparation and Properties of Hydrocarbons-1

Lesson 27  

Lesson 28  

Lesson 29  

Lesson 30  


Download the Official NIOS Senior Secondary Chemistry (313) Syllabus here.

Download the Official NIOS Senior Secondary Chemistry (313) Sample Question Paper here.