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Syllabus Economics Senior Secondary NIOS

NIOS Syllabus for Senior Secondary

Economics (318)

           Course Structure Of Economics 


Module Name

TMA (40 %)

(No. of lessons 11)

Public Examination (60%)

(No. of Lesson 18)

1. Indian Economic Development


2. Current Challenges before the Indian Economy


3.Introduction to Statistics


4.Statistical Tools


Lesson 8. Measures of Central Tendency

Lesson 9. Measures of Dispersion 

Lesson 10. Correlation Analysis

Lesson 11. Index Numbers

5.Introduction to Economics


Lesson13 Central Problems of anEconomy

6.Consumer’s Behaviour


Lesson 15. Demand 

Lesson 16. Price Elasticity of Demand

7.Producer’s Behaviour


Lesson18. Cost of Production

Lesson19. Supply 

Lesson20. Price Elasticity of Supply

8.Market and Price Determination


Lesson21. Forms of Market Lesson22. Price Determination Under Perfect Competition

9. National Income Accounting


Lesson24. National Income and related Aggregates Lesson25. National Income and its Measurement

10. Theory of Income and Employment


Lesson26. Consumption, Saving and Investment Lesson27. Theory of Income Determination

11. Money, Banking and Government Budget


Lesson28. Money and Banking 

Lesson29. Government and the Budget


Download the Official NIOS Senior Secondary Economics (318) Syllabus here.

Download the Official NIOS Senior Secondary Economics (318) Sample Question Paper here.