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Syllabus Economics Senior Secondary NIOS

Syllabus in English Medium




Core Modules


The Economy


1.                Economy and Its Processes

2.                Basic Problems of an Economy

3.                Economic Development and Indian Economy


Statistical Data and Methods


1.                Statistics: Meaning and Scope

2.                Making Statistical Data Meaningful

3.                Presentation of Statistical Data

4.                Statistical Methods

5.                Index Numbers: Meaning and Its Construction

6.                Index Numbers: Problems and Uses


National Income


1.                Income Flows

2.                National Income: Concepts

3.                National Income: Measurement

4.                Uses of National Income Estimates


Micro Economics


1.                What Micro Economics is all about

2.                What Affects Demand

3.                What Affects Supply

4.                Price Determination

5.                Cost

6.                Revenue


Government budgeting and Economic Planning


1.                Profit Maximisation

2.                Government Budgeting

3.                Money Supply and Its Regulation

4.                Need for Planning in India

5.                Achievements of Planning in India

6.                Recent Economic Reforms and the Role of Planning


Student Assignment


·                 Students Assignment-1

·                 Students Assignment-2

·                 Students Assignment-3


Optional Modules


(You have to choose any one module)


Agriculture and Industry


1.                Agriculture

2.                Industry

3.                Interdependence of Agriculture and Industry

4.                Transport and Communication

5.                Energy

6.                Financial institutions

7.                Social Infrastructure: Housing, Health and Education


Foreign trade and Population


1.                Direction and Composition of India's Foreign Trade

2.                Foreign Exchange Rate

3.                Balance of Trade and Balance of payments

4.                Inflow of Capital: Foreign Capital and Foreign Aid

5.                New Trade Policy and Its Implications

6.                Population and Economic Development

7.                Population of India: Structure, Problems and Measures




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