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Syllabus Environmental Science Senior Secondary NIOS

NIOS Syllabus for Senior Secondary

         Environmental Science (333)

 Course Structure Of  Environmental Science


Bifurcation of Syllabus in Environmental Science – 333at Sr. Secondary   Level  


TMA (40%)

Public Examination (60%) 

1. Environment through Ages 


Lesson-2 Environment and Human Society 

Lesson-3 Degradation of Natural Environment

2. Ecological Concept and Issues 


Lesson-4 Principles of Ecology Lesson-5 Ecosystem 

Lesson-6 Natural Ecosystem

3. Human Impact on Environment -


Lesson-8 Human Societies 

Lesson-9 Deforestation

4. Contemporary Environmental Issues Less


Lesson-10 Environmental Pollution Lesson-11 Environment and Health Lesson-13 National Environmental Issues 

Lesson-14 Global Environmental Issues 

5. Environmental Conservation


Lesson-15 |Biodiversity Conservation Lesson-18 Water and Energy Conservation

6. Sustainable Development 


Lesson-19 Concept of Sustainable Agriculture 

Lesson-21 Concept of Sustainable Agriculture 

7.Environmental Management 


Lesson-23 Environmental Legislation Lesson-24 Environment Impact Assessment 

8A- Water Resource Management 


Lesson-29A Fresh Water Resources Lesson-30A Methods of Water Harvesting 

Lesson-31 A Water Conservation at Different Levels 

8B- Energy an

d Environment 


Lesson-29B Renewable Sources of Energy-I 

Lesson-30B Renewable Sources of Energy-II Lesson-31B Energy Conservation  


Module 1: Environment Through Ages

2.                Environment and Human Society

3.                Degradation of Natural Environment


Module 2: Ecological Concepts And Issues

         1.                Principles of Ecology

2.                Ecosystem

3.                Natural Ecosystem


Module 3: Human Impact On Environment

1.                Human societies

2.                Deforestation


Module 4: Contemporary Environmental Issues

1.                Environmental Pollution

2.                Environment and Health

4.                National Environmental Issues

5.                Global Environmental Issues


Module 5 - Environmental Conversation

1.                Biodiversity Conversation

4.                Water and Energy Conservation


Module 6: Sustainable Development

1.                Origin and concept of Sustainable Development

3.                Concept of Sustainable Agriculture


Module 7 - Environmental Management

1.                Environmental Legislation

2.                Environmental Impact assessment


Module 8A - Water Resource Management 

3.                Freshwater Resources

4.                Methods of water Harvesting

5.                Water Conservation at Different Levels


Module 8B - Energy And Environment 

3.                Renewable Sources of energy - I

4.                Renewable Sources of energy - II

5.                Energy Conservation

Download the Official NIOS Senior Secondary Environmental science (333) Syllabus here.

Download the Official NIOS Senior Secondary Environmental science (333) Sample Question Paper here.