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Syllabus History Senior Secondary NIOS

NIOS Syllabus for Senior Secondary

History (315)


     Course Structure Of History



(No. & name)

TMA (40%)

(No. of lessons 12)

Term End Examination (60%)

(No. of lessons 20)


1. Ancient India


L-6. Post Mauryan Developments L-7 The Guptas and Their Successors (A.D.300–750) 

L-3. The Harappan Civilization

L-4. The Vedic Age (1500 BC–600BC)  


2. Medieval India


L-9. Establishment and Expansion of the Delhi Sultanate 

L-10. Establishment of the Mughal Rule

L-12. Administrative System and Institutions 

L-14. Cultural Developments in Medieval India


3. Modern India


L-16. Establishment of British rule in India till 1857 

L-18. Social changes 

L-19. Popular resistance to company rule  


4. Indian National Movement and Contemporary India 


L-20. Nationalism 

L-21. National Movement & Indian Democracy


5. 2oth Century World


L-23. World War I and the Russian Revolution. 

L-24. The Inter War Period and the Second World War 

L-25. Cold war and its effects 

L-28. Changes in the Twentieth Century


6A. Evolution of States in India


L-30 A. Early States

L-31A. Medieval States

L-32A. Colonial State 



6B. Culture in India  


L-29 B. Contemporary Cultural Situation  

L-30B. Cultural Production 

L-31 B. Cultural Communication 


Download the Official NIOS Senior Secondary History (315) Syllabus here.

Download the Official NIOS Senior Secondary History (315) Sample Question Paper here.