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Syllabus Mass Communication Senior Secondary NIOS

NIOS Syllabus for Senior Secondary

              Mass Communication (335)

    Course Structure Of Mass Communication 



TMA (40%) 

(No. of Lessons- 10 )  

Public Examination (60%)

(No. of Lessons- 18) 

1. Introduction to Mass Communication 

L1 Introduction to communication 

L2 Mass Communication 

L3 Role and impact of Mass Media L4 Development communication 

2. Print Media 

L5 Introduction to Print Media 

L6 What is News? 

L7 Reporting and editing 

L8 Language Press in India 

3. Radio 

L12 Radio Programme production

L9 Characteristics of Radio 

L10 The Radio Station 

L11 Formats of radio Programmes  

4. Television 

L 14 Role of television as a mass Medium 

L 13 Television in India

L15 Television channels 

L16 Television programme production 

5. Advertising and Public Relations 

L 17 Advertising- an introduction 

L20 Public relations -tools  

L18 Advertising – an Industry 

L 19 Public relations – an introduction 

6. New Media 

L 21 Characteristics of new media 

L 24 New Media: employment opportunities

L22 New media: the industry 

L23 New media: Target audience 

                                            OPTIONAL MODULE

7A. Traditional Media

L 25A Introduction to traditional media 

L26A Types of traditional media 

L 27A Comparison of traditional media with electronic media. 

L28A Communication through Traditional Medium


7B. Photojournalism 

L 25B Introduction to photography 

L26B The Camera 

L27B Photojournalism 

L28B Role of Photojournalism 


Download the Official NIOS Senior Secondary Mass Communication (335) Syllabus here.

Download the Official NIOS Senior Secondary Mass Communication (335) Sample Question Paper here.