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Syllabus Mathematics Senior Secondary NIOS

NIOS Syllabus for Senior Secondary

Mathematics (311)


Course Structure Of  Mathematics



TMA (40 % of Syllabus) 

15 lessons

Public Examination (60% of syllabus) 

 23 lessons


Minimum study hour

Module-I Sets, Relations and Functions 


Module- ll

Sequences and Series 





Module-IV Co-ordinate



13. Cartesian System of Rectangular Coordinates

14. Straight Lines 

15. Circles 

16. Conic Sections



Module-V Statistics and Probability  



Module-VI  Algebra-II  


20. Matrices 

21. Determinants

22. Inverse of a Matrix and its Applications


Module- VII Relations and Functions  


23. Relations and Functions-II 

24. Inverse Trigonometric Functions 


Module- VIII Calculus  


25. Limits and Continuity 

26. Differentiation 

27. Differentiation of                      Trigonometric functions 

28. Differentiation of Exponential and Logarithmic functions 

29. Application of Derivatives 

30. Integration 

31. Definite Integrals 

32. Differential Equations  


Module-IX Vectors and Three Dimensional Geometry


33. Introduction to Three Dimensional Geometry 

34. Vectors 

35. Plane 

36. Straight Line  



Module-X Linear Programming and Mathematical Reasoning


37. Linear Programming

38. Mathematical Reasoning 




Download the Official NIOS Senior Secondary Mathematics (311) Syllabus here.

Download the Official NIOS Senior Secondary Mathematics (311) Sample Question Paper here.