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Syllabus Psychology Senior Secondary NIOS

Syllabus in English Medium


Course Structure of Psychology





Foundations of behaviour – I


Foundations of behaviour – II


Human Development




Group Process


Work & Stress





Book 1(Core Module)


Module and Lessons


Module I: Foundations of Psychology


1.                Psychology: Understanding Self and Others

2.                How Psychologists Study?

3.                Biological and Cultural Shaping of Mind and Behaviour

4.                Becoming Aware of the World Around Us

5.                Attention and Perception


Module II: Key Psychological Processes


1.                Learning Process and Acquiring

2.                Remembering and Forgetting

3.                Going Beyond the Reality: Thinking and Reasoning

4.                Motivation

5.                Emotions


Module III: Developmental Processes


1.                Development: Its Nature

2.                Domains of Development

3.                Adolescence

4.                Adulthood and Aging

5.                Understanding Individual Differences: The case of Intelligence


Module IV: Self and Personality


1.                What is Self?

2.                Self and Psychological Processes

3.                Personality Theories

4.                Personality Assessment

5.                Psychological Disorder


Module V: Social and Applied Psychology


1.                Group Processes

2.                Person Perception and Interpersonal Attraction

3.                Man Environment Interaction

4.                Psychotherapy

5.                Health Psychology


Book 3 (Optional module)


Module and Lessons


Module VI: Optional Module


1.                World of Work

a.        Education and work

b.        Career Development

c.        Vocational Choice and Vocational Adjustment

d.        Stress and Your Health

e.        Stress management and Well-Being

2.                Facilitating Early Childhood Education

 .         Developmental Patterns in Early Childhood

a.        Play Centre: Objectives

b.        Play Centre: Structural Details

c.        Planning and Conducting Programmes

d.        Involvement of Parents and Community in a Play Centre




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