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What are the achievements of NIOS Board?

Being the Largest Open Schooling system in the World with more than five lakh learners enrolled into their education programme at Secondary, Senior Secondary and Vocational Courses still continues to grow in other parts of the country increasing number of students who pass with this board every year. NIOS has also Increased its number of study centers from a meager 161 to huge network of more than 1500 study centers, enabling maximum reach including the remote areas and other rural villages. NIOS also received the Common wealth of Learning Award Of Excellence for Institutional Achievement in Distance Education in 2009. About 80 Audio and Video programmes have been produced for the Basic, Secondary and Senior Secondary Courses on all curricular areas including vocational subjects which gives an advanced study experience to all learners of this board keeping with the pace with which education is progressing throughout the world. The NIOS has completed twenty years of its journey and has proved that the Open Distance Learning mode is a viable option in the educational arena.

NIOS Admission 2024

SS Coaching is working for NIOS board as a center for study and learning and students consultation for filling NIOS forms for enrollment in Board. The admission to these courses goes on throughout the year in various streams depending on the time and courses student wants to apply for. Interested students, parents for more information can contact SS Coaching Lucknow. Assessment of one’s learning achievement is what every student desires. Many have a short term purpose, namely to know if they have passed or failed. Pass will often mean a door open to a job or a better job. This is the summative aspect of assessment. In the formal system, where the students and teaching community are together for a period of 10-12 years, there is a formative and on-going feed-back mechanism. SSCoaching provides the information about NIOS board(National Institute of Open Schooling) as well as coaching classes, syllabus and tuition for 10th (secondary) & 12th (senior secondary) students of NIOS Board by renowned and highly qualified faculty and staff. SS Coaching also guides to fill the form for online admissions in all streams of NIOS Board for 10th and 12th students. 


While the countries have had problems to bring schools and train nios teachers, both of which are necessary to achieve universal primary education, the limited primary infrastructures and inadequate economic resources to provide a quality secondary schooling are serious challenges that are being faced by government policy makers. Therefore, there is a need of proper thinking and organised planning to achieve the massive tasks ahead. Open and distance learning, has the paramount importance for achieving the goal of Education for All with the potential of surpassing traditional barriers that may result from prior educational, financial, geographic, disability-related to time constraints.

It is being increasingly realized that the Open and Distance Learning mode of education, especially at the Secondary and the Senior Secondary school education levels, is the need of the hour and should be practiced in all countries, along with the formal system of education. The Open Schooling system, with its various learner friendly characteristics and inputs like flexibility in place and pace of learning, self learning material, media and ICT support, Personal Contact Programme (PCP), recognizing and accommodating learner's preferred learning objectives (programmatic or course- or module-specific), his or her selected means for accomplishing the learning and demonstrating its attainment, and his or her need for student support services that will maximize the individual's chances of success, thus has emerged as a potential alternative system of education. As a result, massive expansion of Open Schooling Institutions has been found over the past few years. Globally, the progress of Open Schooling programme is varied in nature and scope. Whereas in some countries the Open School programme has made significant strides, in several countries it is at the initial stage. Some countries have not started the open schooling programme, but they essentially need to open up to the idea of open schooling to achieve the cherished goal of EFA. If EFA has to be achieved by 2015, it is obvious the open schooling will have to play a more vital role. It is in this context that an international conference is being visualized for deliberating upon the role of open schooling in fulfilling this cherished goal in all developing countries, particularly those that come under the umbrella of the Commonwealth. 


CBSE and NIOS are two different boards for passing 10th and 12th. But do they have the same value? Most people who dropped out of school or living in distant areas have opted for NIOS. But will those people have the same respect as people giving exams from CBSE? Will they get admission in good engineering colleges? This is important on behalf of students who dropped out of school or failed. NIOS is basically for students who are poor and failures in academics. Take for example a student of SSC/CBSE or any other state board, if their results are poor and when parents are sure they won’t clear the 10th/12th board they opt for NIOS so that they can get a government recognized degree for their child.


In NIOS for clearing 10th, you can take some 7 subjects and in that you need to clear minimum 6. There are projects which add up in your final marks, which make your passing very easy. The course material is comparatively easy if you see the syllabus. Mostly you can do it on your own. I mean no need to go to school but sometimes coaching classes for nios give you extra edge to understand nios basics and save time. Just fill up the form and get the books and enroll yourselves in nos. Our coaching will mail you for project dates and final exam dates and will also give you regular updates of all important events in NIOS Board that are important for students to know.
SSCoaching NIOS lucknow centre, helps students get complete information about NIOS board (National Institute of Open Schooling) with coaching classes that prepare students for clearing nios exams, syllabus and tuition for 10th & 12th students of NIOS Board by qualified staff and trainers who have a decades experience of nios curriculum. SS Coaching NIOS lucknow centre, also helps in form filling for admissions in each stream (stream 1, stream 2, stream 3 & 4) of NIOS Board for 10th and 12th admission seekers. If you are seeking Nios Admission, SS Coaching NIOS lucknow centre can guide you with the admission process for all streams of NIOS Board.