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Whether Secondary Senior Secondary School degrees received from NIOS carry the same importance as other boards?

The NIOS is a recognized board that is in no way inferior to other boards such as ICSE or CBSE. Students who pass from NIOS are eligible to seek admission to all India as well as state Medical, Engineering, and various competitive exams such as IIT-JEE, AIEEE, PMT (NEET), and other professional and academic courses in all universities and technical institutes across the country and abroad. They are also eligible to seek government jobs, whether central or state, provided they fulfill the other eligibility criteria such as age, specific subjects, qualifying percentage, and other criteria.
NIOS Admission 2024
Students who pass the NIOS high school exam as per the Association of Indian Universities (AIU) can be admitted to any university in India, also through notification E V/11 (354) 91/ dated 25.7 notified all Indian universities registrars. In 1991, he decided to award N.I.O.S Courses in the Professional Program are combined with courses from other examinations of the Accreditation Board for admission to higher education programs at Indian Universities.
The main motive behind the creation of this board is to provide education to those sectors of society who cannot attend regular classes due to personal or professional reasons and wish to continue their studies. Exams for secondary and senior secondary courses are held twice every year in the months of March-April and October-November, respectively. Identity proof is the main requirement for a student to fill the registration form and get registered with the NIOS board to appear in the exams.

The list of subjects in which a student can appear in the secondary level is given below and is divided into two groups:

Hindi(201), English(202), Bengali(203), Marathi(204), Telugu(205), Urdu(206), Gujarati(207), Kannada(208), Sanskrit(209), Punjabi(210), Assamese (228), Nepali(231), Malayalam(232), Oriya(233), Arabic (235), Persian (236), Tamil (237)
Mathematics(211), Science and Technology(212), Social Science(213), Economics(214), Business Studies(215),  Home Science(216),  Data Entry Operation(E)(229), Psychology (222), Indian Culture & Heritage (223),  Painting (225).

Similarly, the list of subjects in which a student can appear in the senior secondary level is given below and is also divided into two groups:

Hindi(301), English(302), Urdu(306), Sanskrit (309), Bangla (303), Tamil (304)
Mathematics(311), Physics(312), Chemistry(313), Biology(314), History(315),  Geography(316), Political Science(317), Economics(318), Business Studies(319), Accountancy(320),  Home Science(321),  Data entry Operation (E)(336), Psychology(328),  Computer Science(330), Sociology(331),  Painting (332),  Mass Communication (336),  Environmental Science (336)
The student has to appear in a minimum of five compulsory subjects, but if they wish, they can appear in two additional subjects. It is compulsory for the student to choose a minimum of one subject to a maximum of two subjects from Group-A, and the rest of the three subjects must be chosen from Group-B. The students can appear in two more subjects if they want to, but this is optional and depends entirely on the will of the student. These rules apply to both secondary and senior secondary levels in NIOS.
The NIOS has a major advantage over other state and national level boards in that it has introduced a new course called the On Demand Examination (ODE). By enrolling in this program, students can appear in the board examination for either secondary or senior secondary level after 45 days of registration. The basic concept of the On Demand Examination is that NIOS students can walk into the examination center as and when they feel ready for the examination. NIOS re-introduced the ODE at the secondary level in 2005. After seeing the success of ODE in the secondary level, the NIOS board authorities introduced the same concept for senior secondary level in October 2007. ODE is being conducted at the regional headquarters in Noida and its regional centers/sub-centers for both secondary and senior secondary levels.
If you have any inquiries related to NIOS admission or NIOS programs, please do not hesitate to contact us through our website or by phone at 9839065533 (SS Coaching Institute, Lucknow).