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Syllabus of Psychology in NIOS

Psychology (222) Syllabus

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Course Structure Of Psychology






Module 1 Psychology and you


Module 2 your Psychological Makeup


Module 3 Human Development Across Life Span


Module 4 Society and You


Module 5 Your Well Being


Module 6 Entry no Works life and Environmental Concerns


Module 7 Yoga: A way of Life.


Maximum Marks





                                                          Bifurcation of Syllabus 

                                                 Subject: Psychology Code: - - 222  




TMA (40%) 


Public Examination (60%) 




Study Hours 


1. Foundation of Psychology 










2. Basic Psychological Processes 










3. Human Development 










4. Social Psychological Processes 










5. Health and Wellbeing 










6. Work life and environmental concerns   










7. Yoga: A Way of life 









Psychology (222) Syllabus



Module 1: Foundations of Psychology

2. Methods of Psychology

3. Individual Differences

Module 2: Basic Psychological Processes

4. Learning

5. Sensory Processes: Attention and Perception

8. Motivation and Emotion

Module 3: Human Development

10. Childhood

11. Adolescence and Its Challenges

12. Adulthood and Ageing


Module 4: Social Psychological Processes

14. Communication

15. Attitudes, Beliefs and Social Cognition

Module 5: Health and Well Being

18. Mental Disorders and Their Treatment

19. Mental Health and Hygiene

Module 6: Work Life and Environmental Concerns

20. Aptitude, Interest and Job Requirements

22. The World of Organizations

23. Environmental Stress

Module 7: Yoga: A Way of Life

26. Nurturing the Whole being: An Indian Perspective

Download the Official NIOS Psychology (222) Syllabus here.

Download the Official NIOS Psychology (222) Sample Question Paper here.