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What are parents responsibilities for childs NIOS Board Exams preparation?

Dear Parents I know how much they are concerned about a child's studies. But you also have to take some preparations.You can be your children's guide. So please do the following tips.


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1: Often Visit your son/daughter school and his/ her teachers and get regular feedback about it from the teacher.

2: Speak openly to your child so that he/she feels that they are safe to share any of their problems with you and thus keep a good understanding relation with your child. Don't blame them if they got less marks else give them confidence and gave them the feeling that you are always with them. This will increase their confidence.

3: Sit with your child and help them in their studies whenever you get time. And also help them in making a good time table.

4. Speak with them and try to make them aware about the importance of study and make them aware that you are caring their studies

5. Allow them also to play watch television internet etc. and if possible make them participate in some extra curricular activities. This will have a long term effect in your child's personality development. Remember a sound mind in a sound body .

6. Be cautious about the food items that you are giving them on nios exam days. It is better to avoid food items such as potato or tapioca on the day of CBSE, ICSE and NIOS exams and also food items with much chilly in it are not desirable. Try to avoid fried items which may contain fatty acid. Instead giving Curd, milk, honey, chocolate having dark colour items with in it etc may do good. Also show cares in their sleep, allow them to sleep 8 hours.

7. While going to nios exam wish them all the best and send them happily. Don't make them unhappy on nios exam day. For nios example if over sleepiness is there the hemoglobin level in blood may be low so check it and cure it. For depression you may meet a counselor. Parents have to be extra careful in these high cases. If you followed all this steps and write nios exam without fear and with prayer your success is a must, because you all are so brilliant students.


Know your child and his capacity well before he goes to his first  board exams

Guide your child to choose credits and failures of subjects with care.

Make sure your child is in tune with determined goals and is going out with a confident mind to succeed in board exams.

Expand your child’s exposure and experience, based on the child’s preference and learning style.

Do not over schedule his activities but engage him in one or two mind-expanding ones where he can meet opponents in studies.

The focus should be on understanding the topics, rather than on ‘learning’ for the exams and mugging up without understanding in boards.

Introduce Math even if it is outside the syllabus through interesting videos, workshops and Math in daily life.


We think this small article may help you to take some simple steps before nios exams that may help you to achieve good marks in nios board exams. I wish you all a very successful life.  Contribution from each one of you will have an impact on the world. And it is your duty to serve the society. Be good and kind at heart. Do help your friends those who have difficulties in studies. Above all don't forget to enjoy the beauty of life, while competing for life. So find time to enjoy love everyone help others and be alert in your studies when the time comes and be cautious about your future. All the best, Go ahead with confidence, Life is definitely yours.


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