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Are subjects already passed from any other Board allowed to be moved or shifted to NIOS?

The NIOS board is very considerate about students and continuously comes up with innovative ideas to help grieving students by introducing new rules to ease their anxiety and work pressure.
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One such rule is the Transfer Of Credit (TOC) in NIOS board. Under this rule, a student can transfer credit for up to four subjects from NIOS (for old/ex-students) and up to two subjects from other recognized boards like CBSE/CISCE/UP board and all other government recognized and approved boards. Twenty-six national and state boards, including CBSE and CISCE, signed a Memorandum of Understanding with NIOS on credit transfer.
The primary objective of TOC is to reduce the burden on students of restudying subjects in which they have already scored good marks. This reduces the frustration and anxiety of the students to a great extent and helps them psychologically by reducing the number of subjects they have to reappear for in board exams.
According to the original proposal, only students who have passed the Class VIII exam and completed 15 years of age were to be admitted to the open school, so that students are not tempted to leave regular schooling to answer the public exams from the state open school.
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NIOS acknowledges knowledge by allowing transfer of credits for up to two passed subjects from any recognized Boards of Examination/State Open Schools. Students can benefit from the facility of Transfer of Credit (TOC) to a maximum of two subjects passed from the said Boards, provided these subjects make a space for being mentioned in NIOS scheme of studies. Transfer of subjects is given as per the rules and conditions. Learners who wish to join a formal school board in class XI after passing the NIOS exam of class X may take these subject combinations (in 5 or 6 subjects), which are considered to be taken in class XI by the formal school board, without the preconception of the exactness of NIOS.
NIOS board flexibility in the conduct of examinations allows students to apply for three or more subjects at a given time. The institute  has initiated a grade transfer that allows students to decide on the grades achieved in a maximum of two subjects in the previous NIOS or other board examinations to decide to announce the previous candidates. Twenty-six national and state boards, including CBSE, state boards, and CISCE, have entered into MOUs with NIOS for TOC.
Ex-secondary/senior secondary students of recognized Boards of School Education who have passed in at least one or more subjects but have not qualified in the course may take advantage of the facility of TOC provided by NIOS. The criteria under which a student can take advantage of this facility are that the student can use this concept of TOC (transfer of credits) for a maximum of two subjects, under the condition that the subjects are passed in the last five years. Credits will only be given for those subjects that are included in the syllabus of NIOS. TOC in the subjects having practicals at Sr. Secondary level will be allowed only when the student has passed in theory as well as practical examination separately. The student will have to provide the full information, including the marks obtained in those subjects in which he desires to use the TOC facility. The student will have to attach their original mark sheet of the board in which they appeared for the board examination.
The student will have to submit a (amount for a RS 75/- per subject for transfer of credit) For the number of subject in which he can get TOC while fulfilling the required above criteria.


Q1. Can I do 12th again from NIOS with changed subjects?
Ans. Yes, students can enroll in NIOS Board for 12th grade exams and choose to appear for selected subjects with a changed combination. NIOS Board offers flexibility to students to choose their preferred subjects and prepare for the exams as per their convenience.
Q2. Can I apply for TOC in NIOS?
Ans. Yes, students who have passed a subject from a recognized board can apply for Transfer of Credit (TOC) in NIOS. The TOC application can be submitted along with the original passing certificate, mark sheet, and transfer certificate for the subject.
Q3.What are the conditions for TOC in NIOS?
Ans. Students can transfer credits for subjects they have passed from a recognised board using NIOS's TOC system. The subject must be covered by the NIOS curriculum and adhere to the NIOS syllabus, and the student must produce the subject's original passing certificate, mark sheet, and transfer certificate.
Q4. Is NIOS valuable or not?
Ans. Yes, NIOS is a useful educational organisation that provides recognised education to pupils who are unable to attend traditional schools in a flexible, inclusive manner. It offers vocational, skill-based, and adult education programmes, and its certifications are equal to those issued by other recognised boards.
Q5. What is on demand in NIOS? 
Ans. For students who were unable to sit in the public test or who had a failing grade, the NIOS (National Institute of Open Schooling) On-Demand test System (ODES) provides a special option. With this technique, students can take the test whenever it is convenient for them.