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Syllabus Geography Senior Secondary NIOS

NIOS Syllabus for Senior Secondary

Geography (316) 

  Course Structure Of Geography



(No. & name) 

TMA (40%)

(No. of lessons 12)

Term End Examination (60%)

(No. of lessons 20)


1. The study of Geography as a discipline


L-1: Nature and subject matter of Geography 


2. Dynamic and Geomorphic Processes of the Earth


L -3: Exogenic Forces and their resultant landforms


3. The domain of the water on the earth 


L-5 : Hydrological Cycle and Ocean


4. Dynamics of Atmosphere


L-7 : Atmospheric pressure and winds L-9: Climate and Climate Change


5. Biogeography and Biodiversity


L-10 : Biosphere, Biomes and Biodiversity


6. Physical Geography of India L


L-11 : Physical Settings L-12 : Climate 


7. Natural resources, Utilisation and Management


L-15 : Forests and Biodiversity L-16 : Water Resources


8. Economic Geography of India


L-17 : Agriculture and Food Security L-18 : Mineral and Energy Resources L-20 : Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), Transport, Communication and Trade


9. Human resource development in India


L-22 : Population Composition L-23 : Human Development


10. Contemporary Issues and Challenges


L-24 : Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)


Download the Official NIOS Senior Secondary Geography (316) Syllabus here. 

Download the Official NIOS Senior Secondary Geography (316) Sample Question Paper here.