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Syllabus of Mathematics in NIOS

Mathematics (211) Syllabus

Course Structure Of Mathematics





TMA (40%) 


Public Examination (60%) 




Study Hours 


Module-I Algebra 




4. Special Product and Factorisation  

5. Linear Equation  

6. Quadratic Equation  

7. Arithmetic Progression  






Module-II Commercial Mathematics 




8. Percentage and its Applications  

9. Installment Buying  






Module-III Geometry 




16. Angle in a Circle and Cyclic Quadrilaterals  

17. Secants, tangents and their Properties  

18. Constructions  

19. Co-ordinate Geometry   






Mathematics (211) Syllabus



             MODULE I: ALGEBRA

o     Chapter 4. Special Products and Factorization

o     Chapter 5. Linear Equations

o     Chapter 6. Quadratic Equations

o     Chapter 7. Arithmetic Progressions




o     Chapter 8. Percentage and its Applications

o     Chapter 9. Instalment Buying


              MODULE III: GEOMETRY

o      Chapter 16. Angles in a Circle and Cyclic Quadrilateral

o      Chapter 17. Secants, Tangents and their Properties

o      Chapter 18. Constructions

o      Chapter 19. Co-ordinate Geometry



o      Chapter 20. Perimeters and Area of Plane Figures

o      Chapter 21. Surface Area and Volume of Solid Figures


               MODULE V: TRIGNOMETRY

o      Chapter 22. Introduction to Trigonometry

o      Chapter 23. Trigonometric Ratios of Some Special Angles



               MODULE VI: STATISTICS

o      Chapter 25. Measures of Central Tendency  

o      Chapter 26. Introduction to Probability  

Download the Official NIOS Mathematics (211) Syllabus here.

Download the Official NIOS Mathematics (211) Sample Question Paper here.