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Is it necessary to have a two years gap between passing of Secondary and Sr. Secondary Examination?

Yes, a two years gap is essential between passing of secondary and Sr. Secondary examination If a learner does not have the requisite gap of two years, he/she can appear in maximum of four subjects only in the first year. He/she will be eligible to appear in remaining subjects only on completion of two years gap. 


This has come as a boon for the students as the students don’t have to appear in all the exams at once but can appear in some subjects the next year after secondary level and remaining the year later. A student can appear up to a max of 4 papers in the first year after secondary level thereby releasing the pressure of appearing in all the exams at once after two years unlike other prominent board.


Learners admitted to Senior Secondary Course must confirm that for the reason of getting a certificate at the Senior Secondary level, a two-year gap is mandatory from the year of passing the Secondary examination. If you do not have the required gap and interval of two years, you can then apply in a maximum of four subjects only in the upcoming April-May 2015 examination and subsequent October-November 2015 Examination. You will be eligible to appear in the rest of subjects only on finishing of the two years period.


In the condition where two years gap condition is not met, your examination fee will be managed and balanced for the first four taken subjects and the rest fee, if paid for other subjects, will be lost. Registration for a course is valid for five years from the year of registration allowing nine chances to appear in the public examination held two times in a year during this period. A two year gap is essential between passing of Secondary (class X) and Sr. Secondary (class XII) level. This means one can take the Class X and XII exams at any age without a barrier as long as one is above ten years of age, though one has to wait for two years between taking the Class X and the Class XII exams - do not know why they want this gap. Choice of subjects is again completely free as opposed to fixed combinations in a conventional school. NIOS recently introduced the On Demand Examination System (ODES) under which learners can appear for examination in any subject as and when they feel ready for it.


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