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Business Studies Course (215) in NIOS Secondary 10th

Student explores the question ‘What is a business?’ and investigates the business functions of human resource management, accounting and finance, and marketing. In addition to improving your employability and awareness of business issues, the course will also help you to develop the necessary skills for studying at more advanced university levels. You will have a SS Coaching tutor who will help you with the study material and mark and comment on your written work.
Business Studies Subject NIOS Secondary 10th
Our Business Studies course offers you the opportunity to acquire an understanding of how complex organisations work in a world where change is the only constant. In an increasingly globalised context, businesses are looking for graduates who appreciate the challenges presented by shifting markets, ever changing business models, new social trends and emerging technologies, and who possess the analytical skills to develop business solutions. 
Many young people choose to major in and study business management because these classes give them a variety of options to explore on the job market. Every company is looking for a level-headed business manager to bring order to a chaotic situation. Students who study business management frequently end up in mid- to upper-management positions in popular fields like insurance, medicine, banking and media. They are also hired as independent consultants to help companies with specific projects and goals.
"He who opens a school door, closes a prison."
-Victor Hugo



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