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Chemistry Subject (313) in NIOS Senior Secondary 12th

Chemistry has a reputation for being a complicated and boring science, but for the most part, that reputation is undeserved. Chemistry is the study of matter and its interactions with other matter and energy. Chemistry courses can benefit just about everyone. Most people who learn the basics of chemistry will be able to identify which combinations of chemicals, including those around their own house, are dangerous, and which ones can safely be combined. 



Parents will be a little annoyed when the question arises in their mind to which Board their ward has to be joined- NIOS or other regular schooling Board. In this resource I gave an account NIOS Board's syllabus in comparison with other Boards, their positives and benefits of taking this course to their child. This resource will give the parents an idea about NIOS Board in comparison with other Boards and also for the parents to choose the best for their child.

Science subjects Physics, Chemistry and Biology will be of high standard and also the depth at which these topics dealt will be very high when compared to any Boards of 10 th standard. For preparing Civil Service examinations Coaching Centers will use this material as standard in their coaching centers for these exams. The student have the possibility of taking a useful and progressive subject like Chemistry or Computers as one of their group subject. This scope is not there in any of the other Board's exams. The knowledge of Computers will be very much useful in the future of a student's life. In physics also importance will be given for understanding, thinking and for analyzing numerical abilities of the students. 



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“I am not a teacher, but an awakener.” 

Robert Frost



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