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History Subject (315) in NIOS Senior Secondary 12th

History is a systematic record of the actual events that took place in the past among a community or nation, sequenced according to the period of such events with the characters and causes that were instrumental of those events in the process of its past social activities, and a measure of quality - of the religious, cultural, and economic life. History creates value our life. We make better decisions at knowing what all have done it the past. From bad to good, we live in a better life knowing history. History is nice to read about since everything deals with it like languages, art, or sports. I do not think we should keep history as a subject because it makes us.



If you are seeking admissions for your child in Indian Board schools, you are likely to ponder over the syllabus and curiculum with the choice of subjects to choose from. The present system of education in India offers students various options for their Class X examination. Our website will list what people have to say about the CBSE and the NOS syllabuses.  We would recommend to focus more on NIOS than on the curriculum if you plan to enroll your child in an open schooling board for which the best choice is NIOS.  At the end of the day, it does not really matter what curriculum your child studies in but is the Board a recognized government board?  All curriculums of this board will teach math, science, history, geography, accounts, economics etc.  However, what kind of study material are there, what is the student-teacher ratio, what are the homework and examination policies will determine the stress level your child goes through and the effort the student has to put to secure good marks.  In addition, the type of extra-curricular activites offered by the school - sports, debates, art, music, dance, yoga, etc.  will determine the all-round development of your child.  as NIOS is an open school, so the students need not bother about how long the commute to school as a determinent of the amount of down-time your child gets at the end of the day which becomes important factor as your child enters the higher grades, and there is more to study.



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“The educated differ from the uneducated as much as the living differ from the dead.” 




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