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Nios marks distribution for 10th and 12th papers

  • Tutor:   Sarvesh Sonkar
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The Distribution of marks in various subjects of secondary(10th) and senior secondary(12th) of Group A and Group B. Subjects are given different ratio of practical and theory marks so that the students gets the overall command for that perticular subject which can only be achieved by proper distributon of exam marks for theory and practicals. Most of the subjects carry full 100 marks while others are devided into seperate theory and practical marks.
The stress in NIOS is to bring out the best in each student leaving behind all the hardships. Every subject is not equally difficult for you and that is why there are different marks for some subject. You can learn some subjects very well, may be in six months, whereas some requires more than a year. Keeping this in mind, NIOS allows you to appear in or two subjects, so to build confidence in you of doing well in the examination. You can take some more subjects in the next examination, but do well in each. As soon as you complete the required number of subjects, you get your certificate. 
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