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Qus 1. Value of NIOS Board for IIT JEE, PMT and government job exams?


Qus 2. What is the top 20 percentile of Indian boards for IIT?


Qus 3. Can students passed from NIOS appear in Competitive Examinations?


Qus 4. How is NIOS different from other Boards?


Qus 5. Whether Secondary/Senior Secondary School degrees received from NIOS carry the same importance as other boards?


Qus 6. Can subjects be changed after taking admission in NIOS?


Qus 7. Do students have a language choice for 10th and 12th in NIOS Board ?


Qus 8. Are subjects already passed from any other Board allowed to be moved or shifted to NIOS?


Qus 9. Who will provide the study material for NIOS board?


Qus 10. How much fee should should be paid for the study materials?


Qus 11. What is Tutor Marked Assignments (TMA)?


Qus 12. What happens incase TMAs are not submitted?


Qus 13. In which month NIOS conducts Public Examinations?


Qus 14. What should a learner do to perform better in NIOS public Examination?


Qus 15. Is it necessary to have a two years gap between passing of Secondary and Sr. Secondary Examination?


Qus 16. How does NIOS function?


Qus 17. What are the Flexibility offered in NIOS ?


Qus 18. How many students are currently enrolled in NIOS ?


Qus 19.Difference between ICSE, CBSE and NIOS Board?


Qus 20.Is NIOS (National Institute of Open Schooling) a valid Board like CBSE and UP Board in India?


Qus 21. What is NIOS success mantra?


Qus 22. What advice will SS Coaching give to students who will take NIOS Exam?


Qus 23. Do you think it is difficult for students to score in NIOS exams than CBSE board?


Qus 24. Do you think coaching classes are helpful in passing NIOS Exams?


Qus 25. What advise does NIOS give to students who have failed in CBSE , ICSE or UP Board exams?


Qus 26. Is the candidate allowed to apply for re-evaluation of answer sheet in case the result is not as per the expectation?


Qus 27. How to get the duplicate NIOS pass certificate?


Qus 28. Is it compulsory to pass in Nios theory and practical exams separately?


Qus 29. What is PCP in NIOS board?


Qus 30. Is there any model exams or tuition service available for NIOS?


Qus 31. What is the Mission and Vision of NIOS Board?


Qus 32. Are there any special text books prescribed by the board for nios exams?


Qus 33. What is range of percentage Marks that NIOS gives??


Qus 34. What about the Improvement exams in NIOS?


Qus 35. Is there any 11th class in nios ?


Qus 36. Is nios student a regular student or learner?


Qus 37. Is it possible to complete graduation and post graduation from NIOS?


Qus 38. What are parents responsibilies for childs NIOS Board Exams preparation?


Qus 39. What are Exemptions available during NIOS exams ?


Qus 40. What are degrees, certificates awarded after clearing nios exams ?


Qus 41. How diverse is NIOS from any other regular Institution or school?


Qus 42. How are N.I.O.S Theory and Practical exam marks distributed?


Qus 43. Difference between open schooling and distance learning?


Qus 44. Is there option to Learn and then earn after studying at NIOS ?


Qus 45. What is the place and role of NIOS ?


Qus 46. What are the vocational courses offered in NIOS?


Qus 47. What is The profile of a NIOS Learner?


Qus 48. How does NIOS system Operates ?



Qus 49. Difference between National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS) and Regular Schooling



Qus 50. Livelihood, Productivity and development through NIOS transforming lives ?



Qus 51. What is Virtual Open School in NIOS India ?



Qus 52. Is NIOS as an alternative to formal schooling ?



Qus 53. What is Open Basic Education (OBE) in nios?



Qus 54. What is Adolescence Education Programme IN NIOS ?



Qus 55. What is Life Enrichment Programme in NIOS ?



Qus 56. Is NOS the other name for NIOS Board ?



Qus 57. Why do students fail or get less marks in exam ?



Qus 58. What are the achievements of NIOS Board?



Qus 59. What are the objectives of NIOS open school board ?



Qus 60. What is the future targets of the NIOS ?



Que 61.What is the procedure for taking admission in NIOS?



Qus 62. What are the eligibility criteria for admission to the Secondary Course?



Qus 63. What is the valid proof of date of birth?




Qus 64. Does NIOS allow any fees concession?




Qus 65. How many subjects are required to be taken for obtaining the pass certificate?




Qus 66. What are the mediums of studies available in NIOS?




Qus 67. What is Minimum age to take admission in the Senior Secondary Course?




Qus 68. Can any learner take direct admission in the Senior Secondary courses?




Qus 69. What is the validity period of admission?




Qus 70. How do students get confirmation of their admission?




Qus 71. Is there any provision for correction in admission record?




Qus 72. Do NIOS issue duplicate identity card?




Qus 73. Are the Common Services Centres of Government of India authorised to act as NIOS Facilitation Centres?




Qus 74. Can a student take admission in 10th/12th of NIOS after passing the 10th/ 12th from a formal Board of School Education?




Qus 75. How and when marksheet and certificate will be issued?




Qus 76. Re examination fees of nios is taken or not?




Qus 77. Will Every State Government approve certificates of NIOS?




Qus 78. Why State Governments shall recognize NIOS certificates at all?




Qus 79. What subjects should be taught to children/ what subjects are best for better marks?




Qus 80. Is home-educating legal in India?